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MailChimp, a mail delivery service that can be used from free, is really amazing

Loftwork uses various online services. Among them, I think that it is particularly interesting recently “MailChimp” of the e-mail magazine’s marketing and distribution tool. This service is also used in loftwork’s e-mail magazine. Let’s summarize which area is interesting and what you should pay attention to when using it.


Create an e-mail newsletter with intuitive interface

There are four types of editors for mail editing. Everything from the beginning designed to be easily edited by drag & drop is available. Loftwork mail magazines are usually created using a drag & drop editor.


Just by dragging and dropping the type of content you want to create from the content on the right side, you can create a box and just register the content there. Even though templates that were originally prepared are abundant, even if you can not design it, you can create stylish emails.

Preview is fun and amazing!

If you select Preview & Test from the top of the page, it will transition to the preview screen. Here you can see what the currently entered content looks like. What surprised me is that in addition to the usual view, there is a simplified view when viewing it on a mobile terminal, so clicking on Rotate will also allow you to check the state of the terminal when turned sideways.


When you click “Rotate” on this screen


I turned sideways!

I animated to turn sideways instead of page transition, so I inadvertently groaned “Oops!”. There is also an “Inbox Inspection” function that you can see how mail created in each mail application environment is displayed.


You can also select the mail application you want to check display by yourself, and you can check with a lot of kinds except Domestic mailer such as Lotus Notes and iPhone. HTML mails are very different depending on the mail client of the receiving side as well as the web site, so it is very appreciated that it can be confirmed in a list whether or not there is a rough display.

Full reporting function that makes report generation completely unnecessary

It is also an important task to summarize the number after delivery of the e-mail magazine in the report, but this is quite a difficult job. Even MailChimp can use very comprehensive reporting function from the beginning.


In addition to basic information such as the opening number of mail magazines sent and the click number of clicks … of course, in click performance, what percentage of the clicks of all the clicks are collecting (which popular contents in the e-mail magazine is which) I understand. Even more useful is the report sharing function.

Simply set the password, register the mail address of the person you want to send and press the send button, you can send the report of the mail magazine. The great thing about this feature is that it limits accessible information to reports only . Since it is not a login to MailChimp itself, it is very convenient because you can share reports without touching personal information such as distribution list.


In addition, report on paper! Even organizations also have a print-out function that is safe. You can also print beautiful reports simply by selecting the items you want to include in the report and pressing the print button.


iPhone ‘s apps are out, and it is the first time I can check the report from the destination.

Enhance collaboration with other services

MailChimp itself is a main function of mail delivery, it is not suitable for use as a DB customized, but you can link with various overseas services such as Salesforce and Highrise via API. Make a specific population on the CRM tool side, import the population with MailChimp, and deliver the mail. You can do something like a relatively simple operation.

Affordable also attractive

A price setting of $ 75 / month with 1,000 people to serve is very affordable. There are plans that can be used for free if there are more than 2000 people to serve. (However, some functions such as display confirmation with each of the above mailers can not be used). It is appreciated that you can use it for $ 50 / month with web services etc. with about 5000 customers.

But there are also things you need to be careful after all.

MailChimp seems to be full of nice things, but there are points that you need to be careful when using it in Japan.

· All interfaces and support are English ⇒ Mail text can use Japanese but the operation screens are all in English. Because it is made very easy to understand, if you use web service frequently, I think that there is no problem, but support is also English, so it may be quite a pain when you are allergic to English.

· Garbled characters ⇒ I think that it is a tool that was originally developed for the English (1 byte) area, so garbled characters will occur in Japanese well. The title of the mail sent to Outlook / Hotmail got garbled, or the mail sent to iPhone became like encryption, I only used it for one year, but I encountered garbled characters quite often I will. At the moment, we have not arrived at a complete workaround, and we have taken countermeasures individually, such as shortening the subject line, to avoid garbled characters in the subject. (If you are the one who always got it, please teach secretly from here …)

Although it is not completely avoidable, the current workaround is …

· Subject garbled ⇒ I mailed it to support of MailChimp, but the subject is too long. Since I got an answer carefully, it is stable after I keep it within 30 characters.

· Garbled characters on iPhone ⇒ I think that it is not possible to interpret Japanese correctly and it is causing garbled characters when it becomes “load continuation” at the line feed position of the character code, so “continue Adjusting by cutting or increasing the number of characters of the text before it is displayed as “loading”.

If around here, if you have any inquiries please tell me!

Please also loftworkmagazine m (_ _) m

The thing I think about using MailChimp for one year is that the design is brilliant and it is realizing the simultaneous distribution of e-mails that tends to become complicated, in any way, with light operation. It is one of the few services that I feel comfortable with touching. If you are looking for a little information dissemination tool, I recommend you to try it by all means. Then, although it is completely publicity, loftwork’s e-mail magazine delivers the latest projects, director column , event holding information and so on. By all means on this occasion, if you can register, there is also worth writing this column (lol)

By the way, I am operating with such members.

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