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It is troublesome and UX


It is the creative director’s source.

Because there is a slight communication obstacle, there is a title of a business card called Growth hacker, “Study of the mechanism to move the body and body of the person” is the life work, but one such thing about such that I am concerned recently is one.

Energy that is troublesome

“Well, to tell the truth, it is troublesome.”

NHK ETele’s program “Nippon Postwar Post-War Subculture History” which was recorded every time recording. In the third broadcast of the third series of the 90s (6/12), temporarily stopped by this phrase which the moderator and lecturer Mr. Shuo Miyazawa released. I have repeated many times.

The background of this phrase was “I chose fiction rather than reality,” to the young people of the 1990s, who were immersed in the virtual world and enjoyed romance, why would they want more realism due to fiction? I wish I could go to reality if it was possible. “It was a comment on the remark of the program guest youth.

Why did you react excessively to this troublesome phrase?

A few months ago, when I was drinking with a friend in the music industry, it became a discussion like why the consumer accepted music that became data from the CD smoothly, and the phrase my friend had released was exactly the same is.

“Well, it is troublesome”

For untouchable animals, the troubles are intense energy.

Although it will be a bit of a story, in 2001, one who murmured when a terrible murderer ceased killing was “ah ~ todo.” The reason he stopped killing is not the sense of accomplishment that he fulfilled the purpose of killing people,

“Oh, it’s tough” ≒ It’s troublesome

It was a feeling like.

Personally, I believe that Communism has collapsed by the troublesome of human beings, and capitalism is a system that a person who wisely avoids troubles wins, wins.

If you look around, almost innovative services that are becoming lifestyle are almost all troublesome.

LINE is the resolution of the troublesome telephone call,

SnapChat is a remedy of a burden after the message remains,

Airbnb eliminates the burden of finding accommodation areas other than hotels around the world,

UBER is a solution to the trouble of catching a taxi,

Spotify is the resolution of the trouble of collecting music and selecting each one … ….

Even though it is troublesome to go to a company, it is essential that a new way of working or remote work is done .

To know · interpret · troublesome / troublesome

Loft workers are approaching incorporating design thinking and UX to create all kinds of creatives including service development and web building. The essential point is to extract user’s insight through observation and interview and set it as the axis of thought.

Among repetition of trial and error, what I want to cherish now is three points of how to understand, how to interpret, and how to interpret the thought / emotion of a human’s troublesome.

The troublesome thing is to interpret it if you know it. Because people lie about their troubles casually and without trouble.


I will introduce it in case.

  • I bought a hamburg bag lunch of 500 yen for lunch.
  • “Why did you make this hamburger box lunch?” And answered, “I wanted to eat from before”.
  • Actually … I only had 500 wallets in my wallet, so I was looking for volume-focused items that could satisfy my hunger.
  • Because Japanese food is not enough punch in terms of feeling of fullness, I made this lunch box with hamburger.
  • Separately I do not like hamburgers.


I do not want to explain every time, so I was lying.

About the maneuver of the depth interview which breaks down the wall of the lie from this troublesome It is very troublesome to write here, so give it to someone w

Energy that the troublesome animals’ troubles are unchanged from the birth of humanity, perhaps even in the future. If you can switch existing bastards well, you will always get caught out there. I think.

Ryosuke Hara

AuthorRyosuke Hara(Growth Hacker)

Former chief editor at a Kansai-based fashion/culture magazine, he joined loftwork in June 2014 after stints at a robot technology related venture, and a strategic PR consulting firm. Mainly in charge of client businesses' “own media”, and growth strategies and tactics for services. Likes editing, and is said to have a beautiful voice. Working to the theme of “communication that moves peoples' hearts”, he is currently researching the essentials of that mechanism, and the latest state-of-the-art techniques. He also writes a blog for the Huffington Post


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