FINDING Ryohei Matsumoto 2018.01.01

Tips for movie production that you can use immediately from tomorrow

I think that those who usually touched social media are realized, but recently the video contents are really increasing.
And those who are good at using the video, such as the KEITO at the conference and the presentation to the client, are good at using the video.
Yes, the era of video content has come a long time!
However, if it takes time to create nice video content with external partner, there is nothing to say, but it is quite difficult to do while practicing.
The other day, Loftwork internally, we received a video course as a lecturer with designer Noonaka invited as a lecturer so we will send you a report.
To those who are not specialists in movie production but who want to produce video content easily by themselves, while tracing the contents of the course, I will teach you the tips for movie production that you can use immediately from tomorrow.

Things to Know Before Shooting, Things to Think About

Most stories can be spoken in 2 lines

The log line is an important element that determines the composition of the animation, and the content of the story is written in two lines of Japanese sentences.
If you suppress the 3 points of who (what), ◯◯, become △ △, you can easily construct the flow of animation . It seems that most of the movies can be explained with two lines when you declare it with log line.

Thinking about the story in three acts

What is important next is the way of thinking of the three acts .
The movie progresses in the step of setup → conflict → resolution (after). Let’s organize each point while watching the story board of Siri (speech recognition function of iPhone) which Mr. Nonaka took at the study meeting.


I will tell you the situation on the spot and the view of the world.
In the example of Siri, information is communicated that hands are trembling due to old age living alone.


In order for the hero to achieve his / her purpose, conflicts or conflicts will arise which can be standing. On Siri ‘s storyboard, the old woman is confronted with obstacles such as difficult handling of the smartphone due to hand trembling.


The problem that happened in the conflict is solved. Speaking of movies, it’s a climax.
By utilizing the function of Siri, I was able to use smartphones without being disturbed by tremor of hands.

after that

I will draw the future that I solved. An old woman who has become free to use Siri is changing until she calls her daughter everyday. Because the Japanese have a 4-frame cartoon culture, it seems that the four-part composition which can divide the composition nicely into an entrance and release feeling is good.

Make use of montage theory

When using montage theory , it says that the movies you took are turned into images as soon as possible.

Montage has the meaning “to assemble” in French, and it is a method to create new meaning and a production effect by connecting two different cuts . People unconsciously find relevance to photographs and photographs, like three people looking at ice, then jumping at the ice hits in the upper left figure (left). It seems that this is the magic of space-time art.

I will look at examples of various cuts using the montage theory.
By giving information on the positional relationship first, even if only the man appears in the next cut, she will become aware of the fact that there is a woman in front of the man.

You can feel the series of cuts naturally as well.
First of all, we shoot the positional relationship and the whole picture and overlay shots from the side.
For example, when shooting a movie during a workshop, you can focus on the work of individuals by taking the atmosphere of the whole venue first, then going to hand.

Also, I’d like to be careful when using Montage theory is Imaginary Line .
The red line in the figure above is called the imaginary line, also called the supposed line (so). When shooting a movie, it means a virtual line connecting between two parties or a virtual line extending in the direction of travel of a person or object .
If you shoot from a position beyond that line, you will feel uncomfortable with the connection of cuts, and you will not know if it is the same space. By paying attention not to shoot beyond the line, you can take advantage of the montage theory, even if there is a difference in level.

Nonaka explaining the imaginary line

Tips for movie shooting

POINT 1 - Prevent camera shake

Here is the basic in the basics. Anti-shake technique in a situation without a tripod is usually these three, sitting in a chair, taking it by the wall, stopping breathing. Hold your breath and let’s take good quality video material.

POINT 2 - Composition

Mr. Nonaka Consider the composition with reference to the recommended example.

The person is a profile or an ideal diagonal angle of about 45 degrees

In an environment where it is difficult to shade shadows or adjust the light to people, it is recommended to shoot people from the profile of 45 degrees or oblique. If you shoot from directly in front of you, the person’s face will become flat and it will be easier for the camera to look directly. When the characters rush at the camera, the phenomenon that the side watching the movie becomes scrupulous is a camera direct view. Consideration not to notice the existence of the photographer to the person watching the movie becomes miso. This composition can be used in interviews, human conversation scenes.

Space is diagonal and shooting is recommended

The resolution of the movie is low, and it does not recommend much because it seems motion stops when you shoot from the front. When photographing the exterior and space of the building, it is effective to take a picture from the diagonal line and spread out the composition.

Although you can apply the composition of the picture, you need to be careful as it will make you feel a click and the passage of time will not be felt so much.

POINT 3 - Discard 1 to 2 seconds of head and butt

As you can see, it looks something like this, I fish the scale of the movie I shot as a fish.
When you start shooting, you will be shaking a bit because the button of start shooting is always pressed. Let’s cut it as it can not be used here. Finally, again by pushing the stop button, the hand also shakes. This is also cut. The last remaining part is the scale that can be used as a movie. It is a point to secure the body part of this fish for at least 5 seconds to 10 seconds after the composition is decided. I do not move when I start taking pictures, I throw away 1 to 2 seconds of head and butt, this will bring good quality video material.

Practice at workshop

Let's think about the storyboard of WORK 1 movie

The theme is “Momotaro”, though, “Storyboard of the story” is thought with “demon’s point of view”. Several movies of Steve Jobs are announced, it seems that the cut point of the viewpoint is completely different for each director. First, consider the story log line, illustrate to the left of the worksheet, write the explanation of setup → conflict → resolution (after) respectively on the right, complete the three-curtain composition. A lot of stories of different demons were born at the viewpoint of the producer. We will introduce some of the dynamic works by video participants.

If the demon is the hero, Momotaro will become a foreign foreign object. . . .
Demons actually traced the same evolution as humans! What?

Let's edit video of WORK 2 workshop event

I actually shot a movie and edited it. You can take it on the spot and edit it easily with iMovie. Think about the log line, decide on cutting, care about hand shake and take movies.
Everyone’s first director work has been completed.