FINDING Shinya Watanabe 2018.01.01

You can do it from tomorrow! Digest Movie Easy Recipe

Hello, Watabe of Marketing Div.

Watching recently marketing team, Watabe is doing arbitrary efforts to leave the state of the event as a digest movie without permission. Of course, we are making a holding report firmly, but the video is also quite nice! I recently noticed that it was.

Today, Watabe summarized the reason why Watabe tries to archive event videos and marketing team, and Tips for movie production that you can easily read even if you are reading this.

※ Watanabe is about amateur & editing about moving pictures / editing, so the content of the column will be super introductory, evil fortune (and I’ll keep a preventive line …)

Loftwork always makes an event report

We have held numerous events annually, but basically the events organized are making reports. There are mainly two reasons for making a report. ” Tell the event content to those who did not visit ” ” Record and archive what you did “. In the past three years I have produced and sent nearly 200 event reports.

I shoot the situation of the event with a fixed point camera, hand it over to the writer and write the manuscript, I decide the report staff in the company and write it. In addition, all creative productions such as photography, manuscript editing, header images, etc. are done at the Jp team Yamaguchi, Watabe. (Watabe has finally come to be able to take pictures well recently)

I like reports, but I like movies more (maybe)

A good place to report (text) is where you can write up to details. It is possible to write the intention and feelings of the organizer later, and it is also possible to create completely different contexts in the extreme. But, in reality there are weak points.

It is weak against ” movement ” ” realistic feeling “.

Recently workshops and events moving hands like Hack-a-thon are increasing, but I personally felt that there was a limit to expressing the appearance of these events only with letters and photos . Besides the report, if there is a digest movie, too, you can tell the enthusiasm of the venue! I thought so, I actually took some pictures and made it.