FINDING Kazuhiko Asami 2018.01.01

Learning from prestigious overseas universities, trend of university website

Loftwork supports business in various industries. The fact that it is particularly hot in the last few years is a project related to “university”, the background is the decline of the 18-year-old population starting in 2018. And it is institutional reform accompanying the abolition of the Center Exam in 2020.

The number of candidates who are targets will decrease.

Before the big impact on the scale of the market, the method of appeal is about to change drastically from providing information for all stakeholders so far. Even if you can have contacts with students on a web site or social media, if you misrepresent your way of communicating, it can cause a decline in the image. Such a time. I would like to summarize a little about things I am thinking about daily as a producer as to what kind of appeal method effective from the university to the examination student is effective.

When making proposals of the university website, we often look at the website of overseas universities, not only in Japan. Therefore, from this trend of overseas university website, we will try to explore hints to appeal to students.

Learn from overseas super famous universities

It is from the following two hypotheses that I looked at overseas university Web sites.

· In the hard competition to acquire excellent students against famous universities around the world, the expression should be refined by the contents · Students from all over the world who can not travel to the field “I want to go” In order to foster it, it is supposed to be prepared to go live

A super – well – known overseas university would rather want to acquire more than a few promising volunteers in the world from the speculation that he wishes to raise the level of a student rather than wanting to acquire many examinees anyway.

In other words, I always thought that it might be in competition to acquire the harsh student. This is not far from the challenges facing universities in Japan where the number of candidates under the age of 18 is decreasing? I thought.

Therefore, the top 20 schools from the world university ranking published by Times Higher Education were targeted this time.

1 California Institute of Technology USA
2 Oxford University UK
3 Stanford University USA
4 Cambridge University UK
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA
6 Harvard University USA
7 Princeton University USA
8 Imperial College London UK
9 Switzerland Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland
10 University of Chicago USA
11 Johns Hopkins University USA
12 Yale University USA
13 University of California Berkeley USA
14 University College London (UCL) UK
15 Columbia University USA
16 University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) USA
17 University of Pennsylvania USA
18 Cornell University USA
19 University of Toronto Canada
20 Duke University USA

Front line of trend. Rich videos and real photos

Looking at the site of 20 schools, it is solidly made with global navigation, site structure, strengths of each university. (It is natural, though) It was especially impressive in such a point that each trip can see the trend here because the approach method using the video and the photograph is very excellent at each school. We will introduce it for each content category.

University Introduction