Psychic VR Lab PROJECT

Creation of new "Fashion Culture VR" movement


An experimental project to pioneer the design of new creative expressions and experiences in virtual reality.

NEWVIEW is an experimental project and community of people who embody modern culture in such areas as fashion, music, video, and graphics that design new creative expressions and experiences in three dimensions.

This project formed by the three companies Psychic VR Lab, Parco, and Loftwork aims to identify and nurture the next generation of creators focusing on the VR contents creation tool STYLY, which makes it possible to express and program virtual reality (VR) in areas that are closer to people’s lives and touch modality. The objective is to create a movement in the areas of fashion, culture, and the arts.


VI / Concept

The project was named “NEWVIEW” to mean a new point of view. Based on the tagline “Design Your Ultra Experience” reference images relating to such things as organic, analog things; culture; wit; and playfulness will be collected and used to decide the VI. Various colors will be used for the background to express the intermingling of diverse creators.

Web media production

A website will be created based on creating a VR movement in the areas of fashion, culture, and the arts. Event information will be released regularly, and How-to features for creating work and artist introductions will also be provided.

Event planning and operation

Events on how to use STYLY to create VR spaces using drag and drop operation as well as for experiencing works and enjoying exchange with others will be planned and held. A community of creators will be launched and new reference works created.

Reference works creation


Target research

Interviews will be held with creators and students in the context of fashion, the arts, and culture as well as with creators engaged in fashion in a broad sense. The realizations gained from this will be used to narrow down the personas in the initially envisioned three areas to two areas and then the core targets of the service will be decided.

Hands-on events will be held at overseas locations of FabCafe to pursue encounters with the creators who will be the starting point for expanding this movement to a global scale.

Direct hands-on events will be held for overseas creators, who are the set target. To start with individuals who will then reach dozens of others, events for small numbers of people will be planned and held in the three cities of Barcelona, Bangkok, and Taipei. The test marketing of the core users has been done.

A hands-on event will be held in the co-working space adjoining FabCafe Barcelona.
A hands-on event will be held at FabCafe Bangkok in the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC).
FabCafe Taipei


Ryosuke Hara

Loftwork Inc.
Growth Hacker


Kazuhiko Asami

Loftwork Inc.


Emi Nagashima

Loftwork Inc.
Creative Director


Hiromi Ando

Loftwork Inc.
Technical Director


Mariko Suzuki

Loftwork Inc.
Public Relations




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