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Company Name
Loftwork Inc.
Business Overview
Loftwork Inc. is a creative agency which, through open collaboration, takes part in the design of websites, contents, services, communication and spaces. We manage the digital craft cafe "FabCafe" with expansion overseas, creative lounge "MTRL (Material)" which comes face to face with raw materials, the online community, and the platform "OpenCU" which accelerates creative learning. We are able to provide a wide variety of creative services by creating together with creator communities worldwide.
Mitsuhiro Suwa
Executive Members
COO Shoma Terai
Hiroki Tanahashi
Eri Iwasawa
Kelsie Stewart
Lennon Yamada
Yoshikazu Iwase (Anderson Mori & TOMOTSUNE)
Number of employees
142 (as of Jan 2023)
February 17th, 2000
Capital Stock
¥ 26,875,000
Principal Stock Holders
Mitsuhiro Suwa, Chiaki Hayashi, Joichi Ito, others
Loftwork SHIBUYA  Dogenzaka Pia 9F, 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Map
Loftwork Kyoto  Motoshiogama-cho554, Gojo Street Sagaru, Tominokoji Street, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, 600-8119 Map
台北  台北市中正區中華路一段89之 四3F Map

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MTRL's brand visual receives the A'Design Award 2017 Silver Award

The brand visual of the creative lounge " MTRL " operated by Loftwork received the Silver Award at the graphic visual design department of the international design competition "A 'Design Award 2017" (A Dash Design Award, headquarters and Italy).

MTRL KYOTO Visual IdentityA’Design Award 2017銀賞

Topawards Asia「GEKKOU」- USIO Design Project

Package items redesigned at USIO Design Projcet "Ryukyu Awamori Moon Rainbow" and "Island Herb Tea" won the Topawards Asia. Topawards Asia is the first "Asia Limited Package Design Award" aimed at developing the package design industry with attention paid to packaging design in Asia, recognition of the high quality of the world to the world.

USIO Design Project 「琉球泡盛 月虹」


USIO Design ProjecGolden Pin Design Award

Five specialty items redesigned at USIO Design Projcet won the package design department of 2016 Golden Pin Design Award (Golden Pin Design Award). From 2013 when the USIO Design Project started, Loftwork created a sustainable system that allows Ishigaki City to self-run through the various projects such as designing projects, planning and running design competitions, creating websites and brochures .

USIO Design Project

FUJITSU Knowledge Integration Base PLY

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