Material Meetup KYOTO vol.18
Thinking Local for Ethical Spaces, Buildings and Materials
- feat. NaturLoop & Swissnex

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2023-02-15 (Wed)
19:00-20:00 (開場 18:30)
FabCafe Kyoto
30 persons



Held in both Tokyo and Kyoto, the popular Material Meetup has been continuously held as a flash point to foster open collaboration between materials and creators. Material Meetup Kyoto Vol. 18 centers around the theme of 「Thinking Local for Ethical Spaces, Buildings and Material」

In 2022, an influx of different sustainable materials and products were launched into the market. This meetup, we discuss materials that aren’t just sustainable, but also usable, in terms of function, quality and transport costs, in architecture and space design. 

This event is held in collaboration with Swissnex, a Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation. Thus we will also have the opportunity to hear about the potential of Japan’s market and manufacturing industry from a foreign perspective.

Keywords / Topics

  • What expectations and hopes do foreign ethical material makers and green tech startups have for the Japanese market and technology?
  • Social demands and future possibilities for the development of sustainable biomaterials.
  • Issues arising from the practical application of ethical materials in architecture and spatial design.

This event is recommended for:

  • Architects and spatial designers looking for sustainable materials.
  • Creators and craftsmen searching for new materials.
  • Those involved in craft or manufacturing projects with a sustainable focus.
  • Manufacturers with unique technologies for the production and development of biomaterials.
  • Researchers looking into the structure and function of the natural world for application in the fields of science, technology and design.

Material Meetup

Material Meetup is a gathering of manufacturers, craftsmen, and creators involved in manufacturing with the theme of “material”.

  • People who “develop materials” that are in search of possibilities and demands in new areas.
  • People who “manufacture materials” that have access to unique processing techniques.
  • People who “research materials” that aim for a sustainable society.
  • People who “design from materials” that are in search of various materials that can be used for complex designs, including with their function, texture, and designability.

From the point of view of “design and technology” and also “society and material”, those types of people cross barriers in the business world to openly interact with each other, and they are continuously creating opportunities for new projects to come into being.


By learning about the traits and charms of a material that cannot be understood merely from catalog specs, everyone thinks about new scenarios where those materials are likely to be used. With “material” at its core, this is a place where the seeds of projects and collaborations that traverse fields are repeatedly occurring simultaneously. That is what Material Meetup is. Ever since it began in 2018, differing themes have been prepared and continuously held at each event in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Find more information about previous Material Meetups here


Doors open

    • MTRL / FabCafe Kyoto Greetings
    • Swissnex Introduction
    • Program flow introduction
Presentation 1 「Ethical Material Startups – Local and Abroad」

Presentation 2「Spatial Design and Ethical Material」


Guest Speakers

Daniel Dinizo

Naturloop, CEO & Co-founder

Daniel Dinizo

Daniel has an educational background in Material Science and Wood Innovation Management. Prior to joining NaturLoop, he worked as a product engineering for one of Canada’s leading engineered wood product manufacturers.

Bilguun Battur


Bilguun Battur

PEEL Lab is a B2B platform empowering corporates to join the movement of sustainability. By providing full-range design and production services, we are on a mission vision to enable every corporate to create personalized products using pineapple leather and other plant-based leather.

Bilguun Battur is a 3rd year majoring in business and management in Ritsumeikan university, and is currently interning at PEEL Lab. He aims to change mindsets towards clothes as expendables and consumable goods into something to cherish their whole life.

Ethical Design Lab

Semba Corporation

Ethical Design Lab

The Semba Group is designing spaces for a wide range of clients, from commercial facilities such as shops and restaurants, to offices, hotels, educational, healthcare, and leisure facilities. With the mission of Creating Future Friendly Spaces, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process of space design and construction. We also advocate and promote ethical design, including the formulation of our own 'ethical material' selection criteria.


Hiroshi Ohno

Studio on_site, Founder

Hiroshi Ohno

Born 1992, representative of Studio on_site. Doctoral student at the Graduate School of Environmental Science, University of Shiga Prefecture.
He reconstructs region-specific architecture by utilizing materials rooted in the land and the techniques of craftsmen, and creates architecture with the background of local life. A SD Review 2018 SD Prize winner, he was also selected as a young architect to design a rest area and other facilities for the Kansai Osaka Expo.

Co-organising Partner


Swissnex is the Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation. Initiated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, its mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of its partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talents. Swissnex thereby contributes to strengthen Switzerland's profile as a world-leading innovation hotspot.

Official website of Swissnex in Japan: https://swissnex.org/japan/

This event is co-organised with Swissnex and is a tie-up with the nexCafé series. ​​nexCafé is an event series at Swissnex in Japan initiated in 2022, offering a platform for Swiss spotlight scientists, start-ups, artists and designers to present their projects and connect with the local community. The lectures offer a casual setting in which speakers can present their work and engage with the attendees during a Q&A period.
・Food and drinks will be provided.


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