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Recommended books especially good from the 91 books read in 2016 5 books

It is Director Shigematsu. Hello.

Looking back on 2016, I also read hundreds of books because I also stayed in the hospital. When you count it, 91 volumes. Contents are novels, essays, photograph collections, manga, business books … but, regardless of the genre from among them, it stains in my heart, it has come to a close, I leave something like a mass of emotions that I can not digest yet I will introduce five books that I gave you.

Jurgen Lehl

1. On the Beach / Yeoh Rail

A beautiful book that Yohgrair left. In an interview somewhere, “The color, shape and feel of design are secondary matter, it is that it is important or important that you really have to think about” I remember what I was saying. From this book you will make me think back to the origin about the merits and demerits of creating something, creating something. For me it became a very important book.

nashiki kaho

2. Around the World / Kohachi Nishiki

Because I can not find the book of “Gururi’s thing”, it is a picture of “Picking strawberries when spring comes up”. What is written is about personal belongings. Weather, memories, friends, current affairs story, dogs keeping. The scenery that I visited with my legs stretched on holiday and things I remember as though it was a long time ago. It is also beautiful how to splice pieces while looking at its descriptive power. It was as if I was able to touch bold and delicate beauty awareness like a paper of “The thirty six people”.

Bernard Rudofsky

3. Architecture without an architect / B. Rudolfski

It has nothing to do with the contents of this book, but I remember it after reading. When I went to the Ischi Guarast nature park in Argentina (a place famous for dinosaur fossils). “The dinosaurs flourished over the Earth for 18000 years, the guides said while drinking mate tea, human beings are still around 100,000 years. There is still much more that we can learn from the world’s longest living species Do not you think? ” I thought that there are plenty of things we can learn from the anonymous building group at the vernacular collected in this book.

yanagi muneyoshi

4. Tea and Beauty / Mr. Yanagi

“Healthy beauty” “Beauty of safety” “Beauty of affinity” “Poison of consciousness” “Nature rather than act” “Wisdom than humanity” Beauty is not something that can be produced but is born out of nature, I love and fascinate with the powerful words that come from the great ideas of Mr. Yanagi Muneyoshi. The one I especially like is the next sentence. “I want to encourage particular attention, as far as beauty is concerned, rather than discussing from the side of” things “, how important is it to touch directly with” things “, then” to know It is that how much more important decision power the “viewing power” has than the ability to see. “

feodor dostoyevsky

5. Karamazov's Brothers / Dostoevsky

I mention it as one of the most important books Haruki Murakami interviewed in my life, the first place of the book the University of Tokyo University wants freshmen to read in all fields, all the novels that have been written And the most interesting. I was hungry just by such way of introduction, in addition to that I also thought that it would not be familiar with the style as well, so it was amazing to read it. It was really amazing. I like the scene where Alisa falls when he leaves the church and rises up.

See the full list of books read in 2016 here. I am doing ◯ to something that was particularly interesting.

1 Fujiwara Seiichi “Buddhist Peek Japan Another Mind Magazine”
2 Shoichi Ito “Monsters of the Kurobe bandits alp”
3 Masako Shirasu “Seibu”
4 Together with “Temple of Modern Period”
5 Kotaro Isaka “Gyroscope”
6 Kaitaro Isaka “Bye bye, Blackbird”
7 Iwatani Mie Miya “Let’s meet the trees of the city watching horse tree”
8 Yohg rail “On the Beach 1” ◎
9 Yohg rail “On the Beach 2” ◯
10 Yasuhiro Suzuki “NEIGHBORHOOD GLOBE Neighborhood Earth”
13 birds cum and direct “Succulent plants Handy Campaign”
14 Junzo Shono, Takeshi Okazaki “Parents’ Time”
15 Shuntaro Tanigawa, Kaoru Yamada “I wrote poems like this”
16 Matsuya Hitoyuki “At the foot of a volcano” ◯
17 Yoshiaki Yono “Intestinal Bacterial Revolution”
18 Fukuda Rika “Gorozuki always hits the table Hood theory and stereotype hood 50”
19 Kazuma Mitani “Edo Business Drawing”
20 Keigo Higashino “I killed him”
21 Yoshiki Ishikawa “Lifestyle to create a tired brain”
22 Jun Yorihiro “Miyake Issei Talks about the Design of the Future”
23 G. Garcia-Marquez “Loneliness of a hundred years”
24 G · Garcia-Marquez “Elendira”
25 William · Myers ‘Bio Art’
26 Kawaguchi Hideki “Tibetan Travel Book (Top)” ◯
27 Kishimi Ichiro “Introduction to Adler Psychology”
28 Kazuhiro Seida “A man to observe”
29 Michel Wellbeck “Submission”
30 Michel Wellbeck “Particle”
31 Fujio Akatsuka “Fujio Akatsuka 120%”
32 Tezuka Osamu “Firebird” ◯
33 Tezuka Osamu “Tell Adolf”
34 Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers “Power of myth” ◯
35 Raymond Chandler “Good-by, love you”
36 Raymond Chandler “Little Sister”
37 Raymond Chandler “Great sleep”
38 Raymond Chandler “High Window”
39 Dostoevsky ‘Karamazov’s Brothers’ ◎
40 Dostoevsky ‘Sin and Punishment’
41 Nishioka Tsuneichi, Ogawa Mitsuo, Shiono Yoneomatsu “The heart of tree trees” ◯
42 Toshiki Komazawa “Little life to tell, a little life” ◯
43 Michio Hoshino “On a long journey” ◯
44 Kimichi Nishiki “Around the corner” ◎
45 Kimiharu Nishiki “Picking a strawberry in spring” ◯
46 Kimichi Nishiki “Mamoru Kakitan”
47 Kimichi Nishiki “Pass through a forest with swamps”
48 Kimichi Nishiki “The Wonderful Compass”
49 Kimichi Nishiki “Ocean lie”
50 Hisashi Nagai, Kazuhi Uchida “Philosophical Dialogue for Children”
51 Haruki Murakami “Murakami’s place”
52 Haruki Murakami “Frontier / Near boundary”
53 Haruki Murakami “Underground”
54 Haruki Murakami “In the Promised Place”
55 Paul de Clief “Hunter of microorganisms (upper)”
56 Hiromi Kawakami “Step on a snake”
57 Shotaro Ikehami “alcoholic diary”
58 Taguchi Randy “Outlet”
59 Kazutaro Yamada “Person’s Death Encounter I Ⅰ”
60 Kazutaro Yamada “Human Death Guide Ⅱ”
61 Ivan Ilyich “Shadow work”
62 Shuzo Endo “Silence” ◯
63 Junichi Konuma “Yuji Takahashi Conversation Collection”
64 Charles Boukowski “the most beautiful woman in town”
65 Hiroshi Takayama “Introduction to Modern Cultural History”
66 Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe”
67 Junichiro Tanizaki “Text Reading Book”
68 Kazuhiro Fujiwara “Slope of Sakanoue”
69 Jiro Kawa Kishida “Continuation and Conception Method”
70 Nikkei Design “Design of MUJI”
71 Chris Clutcher “Whale Talk”
72 John J. Letty “GO WILD”
73 Kago Kuma “Small Architecture”
74 Tsuneichi Miyamoto “Forgotten Japanese” ◯
75 JL Borges “The Transmute Collection”
76 Shane Fulton · Soul + IDEO “Behavior without thought?”
77 Noriko Ibaraki “Do not Get Alright”
78 J · B · Taylor “The Miracle Brain”
79 Muneyuki Yanagi “Handicraft Japan”
80 Muneyuki Yanagi “Tea and Beauty” ◎
81 Gofstein ‘My captain’
82 Glenn Gould, Jonathan Kotto “Glenn Gould talks”
83 Seikiro Inokuma “Inukuma-san”
84 Ms. Keiko Matsui “The day when the fumes smell”
85 John Cage “For the Birds”
86 Warren Burger “Q Thinking”
87 Kazuo Ishiguro “When we were orphans”
88 B. Rudolf Ski “Architecture without an architect” ◎
89 Takanori Matsui “I am involved, therefore I am”
90 Takeo Koizumi “Fermentation”
91 Sakaguchi Keiichiro “Japanese sake”
If you do not mind
Yu Shigematsu

AuthorYu Shigematsu(Creative Director)

After graduating from Cinema Department, College of Art of Nihon University, Yu Shigematsu started his career in the film and TV industry and moved into the web industry as a director, where he was involved in a broad range of production services, such as corporate website production, smartphone design and application design. In 2012, he joined Loftwork Inc. He is a proposal director who excels in developing proposals ranging from project and coverage proposals to workshop designing. He is also active (on an occasional basis) as a video producer of music content and others. His hobby is travelling. His favorite film director is Maya Deren.

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