Social distancing has never been more vital, but with most of the world’s population staying in, significant chunks of our lives have shifted online. Education, one of the most affected domains, has needed to quickly adapt – transforming textbooks, lectures and even graduation ceremonies into accessible, digital versions. Has this also opened up a realm of new tools and possibilities, fast-tracking us into the future? 


FabMeetup: Immersive distance learning with XR (VR/AR/MR)

Join us as we explore the future of distance education, at this Fab MeetUp, destination: online.  

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, children and adult students alike have been unable to learn physically in a traditional classroom setting. With Numena co-founder Andreea Ion Cojocaru, Parsons professor Kyle Li and Loftwork Hong Kong co-founder Harvey Chung, we’ll dive into the possibilities of distance learning, as aided by design, technology and innovation. Take the time to rethink what education means, as we look into the XR (Extended Reality) space and ask questions like: How does a VR (Virtual Reality) graduation work? Would people enjoy online classes with avatars? And can physical learning be fully replaced by online learning?

Watch the recorded event on Youtube here.

Innovative Game Design Challenge

Put your best game ideas forward, as we get creative for this new design challenge. 

Staying in doesn’t just have to be ‘killing time’ through watching TV; it can also involve game-based learning and mental stimulation. These games can not only offer us reprieve from boredom, but also keep our minds active and healthy – in these times of high stress. We want to hear your ideas for an original ‘offline’ game in this brand new challenge – be it a new creative card game or an experimental Lego-type building blocks. As fabrication experts, we would especially love to see 3D printed- or laser cut-inspired ideas. While there is no monetary reward for the prizes, you will receive the opportunity to be featured on the Loftwork and FabCafe website, with exhibitions at selected FabCafe locations, as well as the potential to collaborate with manufacturers in our vast global network. 

Submissions can be anything from a sketch to a prototype, so get your brain active and creative – and inspire others to do the same! See works submitted here

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