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Resolve troubles of train movement "XS" Hackasson report

Resolve troubles with train movement - I participated in "XS" Hackasson

Nice to meet you! It is Creative Director Kokubo. Suddenly, do you commute by train every morning? Have not you had any troubles with using the train?

On April 6, 2017, we held Hackasson on the theme of “making things of XS scale to solve troubles of train movement”. I usually take about 2 hours to commute by train, and in reality, a lot of small troubles. In Hackathon this time, many “small troubles” that participants felt were discovered. We will send you the report of the day!

What is "XS"?

Recently, I often see Hackasson holding the theme of solving social issues held, and I think that there are many services and products to solve social problems. However, if you increase the scale to “social tasks”, it is difficult to grasp as “individual problems” or “per se”, and how to solve it when you find the problem, where to start with , I do not know, is not it?

This theme, and also the title “XS”. This is a new project practiced by Loftwork. And the concept “XS” comes from the method practiced in the field of architecture and urban development called Tactical · Urbanism. In addition to the manufacturing of large scale top-down such as urban development and building construction, we will continue to take actions of XS size design and problem solving bottom-up to change cities and their lives and social structure It is an attempt.

* Tactical / Urbanism Tactical / Urbanism is a way of improving low-cost and prompt cities by citizens, spreading globally. Temporarily perform actions in the public space and continue to change the environment of the city. (Source: <Tactical / Urbanism> – Tactics from XS http://10plus1.jp/monthly/2016/05/issue-02.php )

Iwasawa at the beginning suggested that “I will practice today’s approach to resolve various problems surrounding my life into individual worries and extract solutions that really need to be resolved, while shaping solutions.” Indeed, it is important not to try to resolve it but to break down even to individual troubles as it sees big problems as big. Today’s theme “XS” has a sense of scale that discovers small tasks (even if it is a big task, but first finds a lot of small points) and implements it in society with a sense of speed as small as possible, It is expressing.

Hakkuson of this time is held together with volunteer groups who work on solving social problems called Social WEnovators . They are working on a concept project called ALL FOR ONE (041) that solves one person’s tasks by everyone. This time we sympathized with each other’s problem consciousness, and the co-hosting was realized.

I do not compete for ideas, but find various points

In this Hackasson, we will work on trial production → demonstration experiment → aiming at products, until we try to shape ideas. The concrete flow is like this. Participants will first hear stories of the concerned parties and extract troubles through discussions.

· Know troubles:
Things I noticed will be posted on the sticky note immediately and shared.

· Take an idea:
Think of the idea on the spot on notice. Think about ideas further from the idea that comes out, write it on the idea sheet immediately and share it.

· Prototyping:
Move your hands and make it into a shape to further deepen your ideas. While actually testing, we will reflect and reflect opinions.

It is important to give as many awareness and ideas as possible. One of the features of Hackasson this time is not to compete ideas but to aim to create various solutions and prototypes from various perspectives through discussion among guests and participants.

Next, there was a story from Sawada, the producer of the world sports association / Social WEnnovators who held this Hackasson together.

Social WEnnovators Tomohiro Sawada

In SocialWEnnovator, various projects are being developed to find new solutions of various social tasks that can not be solved by individual companies and individual social entrepreneurs. In addition, the representative “Sports Association” is engaged in activities to create “sports” that anyone can enjoy regardless of age, sex or motor nerve. This time, I was sympathized with the approach of finding out the problem from the viewpoint on the “XS” scale and shaping the idea and participated.

We unbind our body with "so-called gymnastics" that we invented at the sports association

Next is a story from Mr. Murakami of JR East Japan Team Fantasista.

JR East Japan volunteer group team fantasist Yu Murakami

Team Fantasista Fantasista volunteered by volunteers of JR East will make use of Station and other resources to realize Fantasy. It is a team to practice based on project “work like playing and playing like work”.

It is important not to rely entirely on large organizations, but to take action on their own. In this Hackasson, I participated in hopes that such ideas would be in shape.

Mr. Toshikazu Nagai, Manager, Secure Life Policy Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Finally, Ms. Toshikazu Nagai of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Security Relief Policy Division introduced Mr. Nagai’s efforts and others.

As the country is generally wide, it will make an easy-to-use environment for everyone, so it seems that the hands are difficult to reach in small parts as they are. . There was a limit to the countermeasure as a country, and from the place like this time, I was expecting that an idea which was close to the feelings of the parties was born.

Actually listen to the troubles of people in front of you

The theme of this “XS” was “to solve the troubles of train movement”, so two women who have troubles appeared in the women. One person is in charge of public relations with loft work, Ishikawa who is in childcare. On the day of the event, I brought my daughter 2 months old as a stroller. Another person this time is Mr. Oriomoto who is declared breast cancer and is engaged as a training instructor at a life insurance company trying to overcome the fight against illness. Both of them seem to feel a lot of stress on train movement.

Loftwork during maternity leave who participated as a guest this time Ishikawa Mayumi

ISHIKAWA: I recently tried a train movement with a stroller for the first time, but I was surprised that barrier-free is not in place. Especially Shibuya station looks as if it is a dungeon, and as I tried to move while pushing the stroller, as I wandered around the route of a complex station, traveling around, it took extra time more than 15 minutes to get out . Even during pregnancy, I felt that maternity marks are not very meaningful, even though I was traveling by train every day during pregnancy, there was no opportunity to give me three times in total.

Another guest Mr. Emi Mr.

Mr.Oriomoto:Even if you say that you have a breast cancer, it does not look like a healthy person, so you can not understand the people around you. When I felt sick on a crowded train, I had managed to get back to the hospital somehow by repeating … after getting off at one station and one day off. I often use a taxi. Treatment can only hold luggage with one hand, so if you are standing you will be in an unstable state, when there are a lot of people or you can not sit, you will see some trains and buses. Therefore, we must act with considerable margin in time.

From the story of the two of the parties with the task consciousness, the problem which I have not noticed until now has come to light. In my case, when I was on a train I was doing my best with myself, I did not notice other such challenges.

Based on the story of the two of you, I will go into IWASAWA to explain how to proceed with Hackasson this time.

Ideation through dialogue with parties

You can also share your thoughts on the “XS” scale, the work will begin at last! In this Hackasson, people with a variety of backgrounds are gathering from those who are aware of the problem to those who are involved in product development and support projects. While working together beyond each other’s field of expertise, we will approach the issue of “XS” scale.

Discover assignments with discussions with parties

Separately into the Ishikawa / Mr. Oriomoto corner, we will further deepen the issues of the “XS” scale held by the two people through discussions.


· It is hard to notice when it is in the early stage of pregnancy · I want you to realize it for a moment · I can hack a strap leather · I want to go to the back side instead of the door opening side when moving a stroller · (Pregnant woman) I want something to sit down Pregnant woman is difficult to hand it over · I want to know that I have to hand it over the moment I got on the train (I want you to let me know)
· In buses, the driver plays a role like a facilitator. I want such a person on the train · I want the interior design so that the stroller can be placed


· Strong version of Maternity Mark (I want to disseminate more from myself)
· Is not it a good idea to mark “I want you to help” instead of fragmenting the marks?
· I am a supporter (give over)! I also want a mark (there is a sense of security alone)
· Can you make places where you can sit hammocks with cloth?
· I want fashionable goods · I want a hug strap easy to use environment (baby placement) · Matching of SUICA with fishing leather: Points accumulate? Etc. (I also want merits on the transferring side)
· I want a luggage rack under the vehicle · Would you be hooking an umbrella on a flying leather when it’s hot? → Can not change the strap itself (shape / function expansion)
· Place to put things (or place to put baby)
· Do you want buttons to give up? · Want to devise guidance methods (sounds, light etc.)

etc. From the discussion with Ishikawa “XS” ideas are born more and more. Before hearing the story, I could see the points I did not notice and the signs leading to ideas. Next, it is an awareness and an idea that came out from the folding corner.


· I am troubled by placing luggage.
· Is the position of the strap a bit high?
· Japanese are not good at expressing kindness?
· There is a limit if it is only as a mark (gives functionality)
· It is itching when it comes to hard maintenance only. If it is itching it does not reach it · I can not afford to work if it is not for each person · It is safe to have seats secured (I want to secure even paying money)
· The shelf is a dead space


· IC card interlocking sheet · I want something that will express my will (transfer) · Pass fraction of IC card to those who need taxi · Seats that can be used for anything (baggage / sitting / leaning etc.)
· Hacking the seat · Dedicated vehicle (businessman / consideration car etc.)
· Tell you what you are in trouble (sound etc.)
· From the chair (nominate a person sitting)

etc. It is quite common in general that the painful “troublesome” has become clear. Various awareness comes out, such as manifestation of motivation and motivation for causing action.

From the discussion with the two of you, the challenges that you could not see until now, and the unexpected commonalities of “every trouble” have come to light.

The awareness extracted by participants quickly became an idea, further noticed from the idea, the idea deepened on the “XS” scale.

Prototyping of problem solving

Farewell to the team by idea, it is finally prototyping! With the consciousness of “XS” scale issues shared in the discussion, I will shape it while actually moving my hands.

In this particular time, we set up a set of trains that are close to the actual size. Using this set, I will deepen the idea while trying the prototype. When the idea came to shape, I got fed back on the spot. Immediately reflect on ideas.

The completion of the prototype is getting closer. Here is the advent of alcohol and meals. The number of opinions exchanged beyond the team increased, and further ideas went deeper.

Idea will become more and more shape in the warm air.

The completion of the prototype is getting closer. Here is the advent of alcohol and meals. The number of opinions exchanged beyond the team increased, and further ideas went deeper.

"XS" ​​Scale ideas

At last it is an idea presentation! What kind of “XS” scale ideas were created for participants? Here, I will introduce the idea that was born this time in Hackathon!


I want to sit / want to lift / board where I want to place a luggage. By attaching it to the wall and changing the shape, you can sit down, lay PC and lean, lean on your back and sleep. Height is also customizable. And it is foldable and portable with A4 size! Mr. Oriomoto actually used it and was drawing out the impression that “I felt accepted by the train.”

Each other’s car

Even though you can usually see “troubles”, there are many people who decide not to see it, not being able to stay in the surroundings. It is “mutual vehicles” to guide such a situation. Each vehicle that can cherish each other’s things is a new vehicle aiming at solving the problem by not making products, dare not relying on “how people interact with people” without daringly making products. I did not have a time limit and wanted to make it a place to forget about the train and interact.


This idea is my hanging leap that I can carry around. It can be attached to train leather already installed. You can hook baggage to this “Turkawa” and further connect it to make it a strap for children. I thought about it for Mama who has lots of luggage and that it is possible to install with one hand. Also fashionable, functional, easy to carry.

Yurari Hug string

Some mothers with small children go to the company after depositing their children in the nursery school. I often use trains when I move and commute, and I often use hug strings. This idea can reduce the burden on the shoulder by hooking a holding string on the shoulder to the flying leather. Moreover, it can shake safely as it is, it can correspond directly to a baby. Also, you can choose cute design for the part of the string.

Sheet with raised seat / Sheet with mirror

Idea issued from the problem that it is difficult to grasp the timing of giving up the seat to those who push the stroller. By changing the height of the sitting seating surface, you can display your intention to hand over your seat at any time. Another idea of ​​this team is that by placing a digital mirror (camera) in the window, when the person who should take precedence comes in front of me, I can objectively look under what circumstances.


You should not have to get on the train if you are not feeling well? It is an idea that came out from a novel Kizuki. However, the point that the taxi is expensive is a bottleneck. This idea is a mechanism to donate to people who want help with an IC money card. Fractions remaining as remaining money such as SUICA will be donated. When donation is made, sounds like “donation” and “Thank you” will be returned (sounds can be chosen). It was that the donation amount should be high at the station with high utilization rate.

I think about a new mark

The idea of ​​this team is various help marks. A mark (○ / × etc.) that causes the yielding side to display Yes / not intention. For example, Tasuki for expressing intention to support. Marks attached to the back of a smartphone, a bigger one push, type help marks attached to a bag, and so on.
Ultimately I wanted to aim for a society where I could help each other without a mark.

Priority seat changing air

It is an idea that a person who needs is a goal for sitting. There was a doubt that it is evil that not giving up the priority seat of the present time, and he wanted to create air that can be more naturally transferred. If you want the parties’ shoulders to give up their seats while relaxing with flowing images, using the glass behind the priority seat, you can change the image and lighting by operating with a mobile terminal etc. It is an idea that when a person who noticed it gave her seat and the seat changed, it returns to its original state.

Can you solve the problem with XS?

After the announcement of the idea, I asked impressions and frank opinions from Ishikawa, Oriomoto. Also, I received reviews from everyone who came with this guest this time.

Ishikawa (Loftwork)
Yurari Hugging string was an idea I wanted to use right now. Turkawa is good with multiple functions though it is space-saving. Also, as various marks can create opportunities to understand the will to yield, there are also good sounds.

Can donate SUICA is appreciated if you can use pooled money as a subsidy. It is comfortable because it leans back when it is swollen. Also, I thought that it would be easier to use if I installed the train so that I could not carry around. I really like each other’s vehicles. It may be good if there is a vehicle that makes it easy to get on by loosening the female private car.

Murakami (JR East Japan volunteer group team fantasista)
The ideas that came out today were packed all round, it would be fun if mutual vehicles could be practiced. Especially, Minnanoshika and priority seat where air changes, etc. are surprising and surprising, and it is good in promoting action. I think that it may be more designed like the enlarging help mark, the figure of the side you want to yield. I got attracted by the idea that I do not feel the debt feeling that I am sorry that I should hand it over or give it over.

Mr. Nagai (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
Minnano skies thought that there was an idea to save mileage by themselves and use it for themselves. Also, train straps are increasing in vehicles, so I think that my tatami leather is good. Regarding Mark, we are starting to make marks to help foreigners and disabled people, so I’m thinking of working more and more.

Keita Watanabe (Participated from the presentation as a special guest)

I was able to sympathize with myself as I went to school for 2 hours on a one way trip in my school days. Especially sympathy for smartbo / Turkawa. I think that mutual vehicles are also good. For example I thought it was a good idea to have a single Hackable vehicle that could try out the ideas that came out here (various manufacturers may support it). The seat which raises the seating surface is noticed that there is a gap between the standing person and the sitting person. The consciousness will change considerably if the seating surface gets higher. I think that the value / disparity of sitting will change.

XS "After finishing Hackathon - what did you think about thinking on the" XS "scale?

This time, the problem of the “XS” scale that I have overlooked has been highlighted, and a lot of concrete ideas leading to solution have been born.

Personally particularly surprised is that we were able to discover the task in a very short time, making it from idea to advanced prototypes.

While listening to the real opinion of those who are parties, I realized that it is important to repeat the discussion and make manufacturing that matches the actual task. With this approach, I was able to focus on the issues that really need to be resolved, so I think that “XS” ideas were born. It is not approaching vague challenges without mind, but working from small things.

It was an opportunity to be noticed once again that there are many things that can not be seen without working on the “XS” scale. And do not give it to organizations and communities, but make actions themselves. It may become necessary in the future to change the world little by little while becoming independent.

Everyone participants, thanks for your hard work!
Many ideas and prototypes born from Hackathon will continue preparations steadily towards productization and demonstration experiments. I hope for the future development of “XS”!

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