the first day to make the "next 100 years".
Everyone became a "bunch" 100 BANCH opening day

the first day to make the "next 100 years". Everyone became a "bunch" 100 BANCH opening day

Hello. It is Ishikawa who is PR of Loftwork.
The experimental district “100 BANCH ” that builds “the next 100 years” that Loftwork has prepared with Panasonic and Cafe Company opened on Tanabata Day on July 7th.

※Press release
Panasonic and Loftwork, Cafe · Company, “100 BANCH” Experimental Zone Building “Next 100 Years” opened in Shibuya

Renovating with the architects from the planning of the whole concept, looking for properties and contracting, renovating together with the architects, recruiting and reviewing tenant project members, communicating with mentors, managing the place after opening, of course From production to dissemination of various information, Loftwork has been promoting with Panasonic.

The name 100 BANCH comes from the word “BUNCH” which means “unit of time”, “meaning a lot of things” of the word “hundred”, meaning “bunch” of energy-rich people gather doing.

On July 7, 2017, on the first day of “making the next 100 years”, we hold a press introductory briefing session calling for the media people and a reception and party with two parts in the evening.

While being enveloped by the fervorous enthusiasm on the day, more than 400 people became “BUNCH (bundle)” with the possibility to “bundle” and create new energy!

Press introductory briefing session

We went to everyone with media of less than 50 people and held an exhibition briefing session for press in the morning. Freshly opened 100 BANCH, first of all it is an announcement to the media.

Mr. Murase, Corporate Strategy Division of Corporate Strategy Headquarters, Panasonic Corporation, Mr. Kusumoto, President and Representative Director of Cafe · Company, and Representative Director of Loftwork explained 100 BANCH respectively.

Yasumichi Murase, Corporate Strategy Headquarters Corporate Strategy Division, Panasonic.

“When thinking about the next 100 years, we are coming to the limit by our strength alone, and by interacting with young people such as outside people and students, it will become a big innovation explosive.”

I talked about the position of this project within the company why Panasonic tried to start 100 BANCH.

Mr. Shujiro Kusumoto, President and Representative Director, Cafe · Company Co., Ltd.

I talked about the location of the foundation of the cafe company about this shibuya south exit and the café of the cafe · company opened in 1F in autumn.

Mr. Chiaki Hayashi, President, Loftwork Inc.

About the loft work as a partner, and the first term I talked about the garage program starting with 21 mentors and 13 projects.

And I also got a cheering ale from Ken Hasebe Shibuya Ward,.

BANCH members of thirteen projects adopted in the first phase are also on stage.
On behalf of you, we will have a willingness to comment from Mr. Yuzuki Kuniaki, leader of Now Aquaponics! (Nau Aquaponics) project.

As for the 100 BANCH open, I have already posted it on many media. Please have a look.

The press intro briefing session ended successfully. Before a busy party starts, the management staff take a group photo.
The staff wears a 100 “wild clothing” uniform with a logo of 100 BANCH, which imaged Panasonic workwear 100 years ago.

Reception party

In the evening we hold a reception party with two parts. Everyone of the companies involved in 100 BANCH, the enthusiastic young people involved in the 100 BANCH members, the diversity and interesting people who will be involved in the 100 BANCH from now on, a total of less than 400 people gathered together. 100 BANCH 1F KITCHEN, 2FGARAGE, 3FLOFT, we organized each theme with different subjects and it was a great success on each floor.

After each greeting, the party came out with Suwa, President and CEO of Loftwork, Director of Panasonic Murase, President Cafe Company Kusumoto.
To the back are the mentors who came this day.

The moment of mirror opening is at another angle. Really came to many people.


Cafe · Company Produce, hand rolled sushi and sake using “100” ingredients named after 100 BANCH were acted. Decoration that imaged Tanabata was also wonderful.

A state of 1F KITCHEN seen from the mezzanine.

Interior construction of 1F KITCHEN is still going. In this “innocent” space, a café space will be opened to explore new food experiences for the future, produced by Cafe Company in the fall!


In 2F ‘s GARAGE, exhibition and introduction floor of 13 projects to be moved. Demonstrations by project-adopted members were held, and visitors were listening to the projects they are interested to proceed from now.

Introduction paper of thirteen projects sticking out.

Project members to demonstrate at 2F GARAGE and everyone who listens to the explanation.

VR demonstration.

The youngest, high school team team “Open Source Personal Robot” HACO “!

Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa of the Mr. Fukudoshi Department (they also adopted project members) and Mentor.

And the artist unit [uwabami] is “live painting” of “characteristration”.

Based on the streets of Shibuya, I recruited ideas based on the theme of “What would you do in Shibuya 100 years away?” And drew it on the spot.

Ultimately, the idea of ​​13 project members was drawn, the illustration of people of Mentor was drawn, it was put in a big scale and it became a picture like a future anticipation chart that can be imagined for the next 100 years . Masterpiece!


After the mirror opening, I turned around from the place of chatting while offering sake for a while, turned into a club venue due to DJ performance.

With DJ performances by Mr. Ahu Romance and KICKOFF, adults and young people dance beyond the standpoint and dance with everyone.

The opening of 100 BANCH has been so warmly welcomed and ended with enthusiasm.
Panasonic, Cafe · Company, Loftwork, Tokyu Electric Railway, Mentor, who created this 100 BANCH together, young members of 100 BANCH, invited guests who will join us in the end Together we were dancing “becoming” a circle “.
From here, collaboration between various people and talent has occurred, and there is only a premonition that something will be born!

Please expect from 100 BANCH in the future.
For 100 BANCH, press kit materials that anyone can download are easy to understand.

※ The same content articles are also posted as a report on the 100 BANCH official website.

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