Olfaction Design Lab Hong Kong Vol.1

Scent is one of the most powerful sensation that ties deeply with our memories. A scientific phenomenon that most of us have experienced. Scents can affect our emotions, sense of space and even change our perception of temperature in our environment. And there is a lot more we can explore as a communication medium and thus a design tool.

Communication Medium and Application

Loftwork Hong Kong would like to bring this into awareness and allow creators to explore new possibilities of olfaction design and its applications.

Maki Ueda, an olfaction artists came to Hong Kong and held 2 days of workshops for a group of 20 participants from various backgrounds.

10 basic ingredients of smell were introduced by Maki. Through testing, documenting and sharing, each team created their own version of rose scent.


Characters of smell is widely discussed and it was a surprise that the same smell was perceived differently from different cultural background. And one of the popular discussion topic was how to integrate olfaction design in retail experiences and how it can be used to create a more sustainable environment.

Besides olfaction design lab vol.2, we will look for opportunity to deploy olfaction design in a larger scale spatial experience installation.

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