Headspace: Creativity x Mindfulness x Neuroscience

What is reality? The secret lies in our brain. Nowadays, we have tools that allow us to have a glimpse inside our brain and decode the electrical signals such as MRI and EEG. What happens to our brain when we are using our creative juice? And how does meditation change our brains performance in terms of neuroscience?

EEG Device

This event aims to gather people with similar interest in this topic, start conversations and gather insights around creativity, mindfulness and neuroscience. Neurofeedback specialist and guest speaker Davis, brought an EEG device to perform a live demo. Phd candidate Tania analyzed and presented results from earlier test focusing on different stages of design thinking; divergent, emergent and convergent. Cola, a mindfulness coach spoke about mindfulness basics and hosted a 15 minutes calming session during the event.

New Possibilities

Participants were extremely intrigued and amazed by the power of modern neuroscience. Supposedly qualitative feelings and experiences can now become quantifiable through the use of EEG device and neuro analytics. This helps us understand the correlation between mindfulness and creativity, and what we need to do to improve both. Now, we can start using this tool to design new applications and open up a new horizon of possibilities.

Creators and guest speakers already volunteered to start an initiative with loftwork to create a neurofeedback training application aims to improve alpha and theta waves that is relevant to creativity, mindfulness and mental health.

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