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The Future of Business for a Sustainable World

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FabCafe Hong Kong is going to host an online talk event on 26th August about “The Future of Business for a Sustainable World”.

2020-08-26 (Wed)
Online Session


FabCafe Hong Kong is going to host an online talk event on 26th August about “The Future of Business for a Sustainable World”.


* This event is hosted by FabCafe Hong Kong.


Under the pandemic, businesses are facing a lot of challenges and uncertainties. When businesses plan for their futures after this tough time, what should they consider? How can businesses innovate and grow in the future? Not only looking at the economic aspect, in order to build a sustainable business, social and environmental aspects should also be adopted into future development plans.

Looking to explore the possibilities of post-pandemic future living, Loftwork and FabCafe’s new global initiative FutureCity is hosting a series of events. Let’s discover the future possibilities for businesses.

FabCafe Hong Kong Talk Events

FabCafe Hong Kong is a creative community platform. We want to connect people from various different fields of expertise to collaborate on meaningful projects together. FabCafe provides a space and digital fabrication tools that encourage exploration of innovative and exciting ideas for businesses and individual creators.

We are creating a new series of talk events to spark discussion on important local and global challenges. We also highlight projects by the community that have identified potential solutions and are grasping the opportunity to achieve real impact.

“The Future of Business for a Sustainable World”

In recent years, corporations around the globe are adopting sustainable goals into their business development plans, targeting to create impact in the society, as well as bringing new economic values to businesses. FabCafe Hong Kong is going to host an online talk event on 26th August about “The Future of Business for a Sustainable World”. We are delighted to have Michael from District Capital, Tat from SZC Holdings and Kit from CLP to share their valuable experiences on sustainable development plans and how businesses can contribute towards a more sustainable world.

If you are interested in creating impact to our world, learn more about this topic and getting insights from our speakers, please register here: https://forms.gle/MaAbi6usMCYzXf8V6

This FAB Meetup session is supported by Design Trust Seed Grant.

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Michael Au

District Capital, Managing Director

Michael Au

Michael is the managing director of District Capital, an investment arm of a Hong Kong-based family office. The firm invests in socially innovative entrepreneurial teams with scalable solutions in tech, healthcare, and finance via direct investments as well as through funds.

Tat Lam

SZC Holdings, CEO & Founder

Tat Lam

Dr. Tat Lam is currently the CEO of SZC Holdings, a social enterprise to research social finance and social development strategies, develop technological solutions for the bottom billion market, and launch mission-driven ventures to solve the problems on the ground. Dr. Lam is an expert in development, social anthropology, and impact finance. With Dr. Lam‘s leadership, SZC Holdings has been serving social capitals, foundations, and governments in China, Singapore, Myanmar, and Brazil. Recently, Dr. Lam and his team launched a new venture in Singapore to provide microfinance services targeting the unbanked population in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Myanmar and Hong Kong, supported by capacity building programs and blockchain technologies.
Before founding SZC Holdings, Dr. Lam involved in large scale urban and rural development projects in China, consulting on strategies of public-private engagements and collaborations. Dr. Lam was graduated from Columbia University in New York and UCL in London. He has been teaching urban development, innovation, and entrepreneurship programs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the last 8 consecutive years.

Kit Law

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Manager – Group Sustainability

Kit Law

Kit leads the work of sustainability analytics, performance and reporting in
CLP, which is one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia Pacific. She spearheads the Company’s sustainability strategy and embeds it across the Group’s business in Hong Kong and overseas. She uses scenario analysis to assess and enhance the Group’s climate resilience and embeds sustainability into risk management. She is leading CLP’s annual sustainability report production, investor indices management and related engagement.

Kit is a delegate in the WBCSD Leadership Programme 2018. She holds BSc in Biochemistry and MPhil degrees from the University of Hong Kong. She was a Chevening scholar at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she received an MSc degree in Development Studies.

Harvey Chung

loftwork, Loftwork HongKong co-founder

Harvey Chung

Harvey is a design architect, educator and the co-founder of Loftwork Hong Kong, a company that builds communities to create innovative projects together. He believes that new design methodologies, collective intelligence and co-creation are the keys to create valuable impacts.
After graduating from Yale University with a master’s degree, he worked as a design architect with a passion to improve our experience in built environments. Years later, he carried on his professional skills and knowledge into his new venture of innovation and creative business. Harvey continues to teach at the University of Hong Kong, focusing on materials technology and the new multi-disciplinary design program for the department of architecture.


Date & Time
Wed, August 26, 2020 16:30 UTC+08:00
Online Session

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