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Jesmonite Lab gives creators endless possibilities for design and play

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This month, FabCafe Kyoto gets creative with Jesmonite, a ‘chameleon’ material used in everything from film props to contemporary furniture

2021-09-07 (Tue) -
2021-09-29 (Wed)
Subject to FabCafe Kyoto’s business hours
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This month, FabCafe Kyoto gets creative with Jesmonite, a ‘chameleon’ material used in everything from film props to contemporary furniture


Voted ‘Material of the Year’ back in 2017, Jesmonite is a highly adaptable modelling material that can be combined with a variety of other materials to create colors and shapes, as well as new textures and designs. From September 7 to September 29, FabCafe Kyoto is in Jesmonite frenzy with Jesmonite Lab; here, creators will get to catch the many samples of Jesmonite modeling experiments on exhibit, as well as an array of consultation sessions, online talk events and a Jesmonite pop-up store.

Exhibition of modelling and production samples

Jesmonite, a water-based composite material, was first developed in 1984 as a substitute material for fiber-reinforced plastic. As a VOC-free material, Jesmonite is not only seen as a safer and greener alternative to resin, plaster or concrete, but also fast gaining a cult following for its ability for experimentation.

In this special showcase, architects, designers, artists and craftspeople will get the chance to see, feel and source ideas for daring new three-dimensional expressions. From CMF design to processing techniques, Jesmonite Lab will showcase the vast possibilities of working with the material.

Exhibition of product ideas

As part of the Jesmonite Lab exhibition, creators will also get a glimpse of ‘ForestBank’ product prototypes. Created by Yuma Kano, the unconventional new material was made using Jesmonite and discarded forest materials.

Mixing Jesmonite with a collection of branches, bark, leaves, soil and other forest materials that would otherwise be discarded, ForestBank recreates the value of the forest itself – becoming a different kind of organic aesthetic. ForestBank was made possible through the help of the FabCafe network, with development of the project supported by members of Hidakuma and FabCafe Hida. Yuma Kano and Hidakuma members will join forces once again for a special online talk (Japanese) on forest materialization on September 24.

Jesmonite pop-up store and consultation

From wood powder to metal powder, fans of Jesmonite swear by its versatile ‘add anything’ nature. A synthetic resin, Jesmonite has characteristics akin to both organic and inorganic materials, easily mimicking the appearance and texture of almost any surface finish.

At Jesmonite Lab, even users new to Jesmonite can get up close and personal with the material, via demonstrations of Jesmonite production in special exhibition booths and consultation sessions on processing methods and installation. And with Jesmonite materials and kits available for purchase at the exhibition pop-up store, creators can even get cooking with Jesmonite right away.

About Jesmonite

Jesmonite is a composite modeling material consisting of a reactive mineral base and pure water-based acrylic resin. It was first developed in the United Kingdom in 1984 as a safe alternative to FRP resins reinforced with glass fiber and as a lightweight alternative to cast concrete.

Despite being a resin, Jesmonite has a texture different from that of its conventional oil-based counterparts. Instead of the shine of plastics, it has a stone-like texture, applicable to a wide range of three-dimensional objects for art, sculpture, furniture, interior decoration, display, accessories, architecture and more. A variety of surface finishes are possible, including coloring with special pigments, metallic finishes with metallic fillers, and stone finishes with fillers such as stone and sand. It can be painted with both water-based and oil-based paints.

Jesmonite is free of organic solvents and VOCs. It can be used in a wide range of molding methods such as FRP, casting, hollow molding and more.


Date and Time
2021.9.7 (Tue) – 2021.9.29 (Wed) [Subject to FabCafe Kyoto’s business hours]
FabCafe Kyoto (MTRL KYOTO)
554 Motoshiogama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8119, Japan
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There is no parking available. Please use nearby facilities.
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Free of charge [*Please order from the cafe if you wish to use the seats]


There is no parking available. Please use nearby facilities.

*Please order from the cafe if you wish to use the seats


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