Art Director Atsuko Ogawa

Born in Tokyo. After working at a department store, he was in charge of product planning and PR at a living miscellaneous goods manufacturer. Participate in the launch of the public relations department at a general real estate company, and build from zero -based, from planning to editing planning. Then independence. Moved his home in Kyoto and performed branding and art direction as a freelance. There are a wide variety of fields, such as IT, food, herbal garden, and beauty clinics. From 2018, IT production production companies participated in the launch of the branding department and joined the Loftwork in March 2020. The motto is "creating a unique new value and world view that is now where there is no place." My partner is a big white cat. In the morning, it starts by taking a walk in a cat with a cat. (Automatic translation by Google Translate)