We are

We believe in
CREATIVITY within all

Our starting point at Loftwork is to recognize the creator in everyone.

Creativity is not the preserve of a talented few. A creator can be anyone who chooses to act out of curiosity and imagination.
Loftwork believes in the power of creativity within all. Manifest everyone’s creativity and the world will be richer and more interesting for it. We always start from here.

Unlock potential

We work with others to create a more vibrant society,
unlocking future potential by thinking outside today’s norms.

Loftwork partners with companies, universities, cities and communities, helping them tackle some of their biggest challenges by bringing together the creativity of all those involved.
Opening up projects and organizations to outside talent and different perspectives leads to new ideas and unexpected opportunities, sowing the seeds of future business. By taking a creative look at prevailing ideas and customs, we help our partners explore the future they’d like to create.
What’s common sense today will not be tomorrow. That’s why we never stop searching for the hidden potential in people, organizations and communities to join together in making the world a more vibrant, exciting place.

we do

We work with forward-thinking partners to re-examine social norms and give shape to future possibilities. Our practice is project-based, ranging from digital platforms and services to urban and space design to community management. The key element in each project is a highly diverse team. All it takes then is a process to ignite creativity and a mechanism for sustaining that activity over time.

  • Design Projects

    We’re in the business of project design, not product design. From research that interrogates norms to methodology for breaking free from convention, we design processes and experiences that mobilize everyone’s creativity to address some big unanswered questions.

  • Activate Communities

    Since its inception, Loftwork has been nurturing a global community of creators through open collaboration, both online and offline, and a vision that inspires empathy and transcends hierarchical boundaries. Drawing on our experience in creating places for co-creation, we bring communities to life with our mission to open up existing wisdoms and emerging technologies.

  • Create Ecosystems

    All projects must end, but their potential can continue to unfold in daily life through the creation of an ecosystem. At Loftwork, we look beyond immediate results and instead build mechanisms that support the future growth of people, places and organizations. While projects can spark discovery, systems deliver long-term value-creation.

from executives

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Corporate Identity

We don’t believe in one Loftwork logo.

Should a company have a single logo? Common sense says yes. But asking Why? helped us see that the future we’re headed for is brimming with diverse connections and limitless possibilities. How can one logo reflect all these as-yet-unimagined futures?
With that in mind, we decided to commission ten different logos from our creator network each year. Loftworkers can choose the logo that resonates with them most and use it in their daily work. Their chosen logo is not a symbol granted by the company, but something that expresses a living connection with the company and with another human being.

Platforms & Communities Our Family Platforms & Communities

  • AWRD

    AWRD is an open platform that connects creators and ideas to business projects all over the world. From competitions to hackathons, AWRD enables global creators in any field to get involved in generating new value for society.

  • FabCafe

    FabCafe is a global creative community hub that pursues innovation by crossing seamlessly between the digital and the physical. From food and art to AI and biotechnology, FabCafes work with local creators and companies to expand the boundaries of manufacturing.

  • crQlr

    crQlr is a global consortium that supports the practitioners and future creators of a new society based on a circular economy. The crQlr Awards aim to propagate the creativity and vision required for a circular economy to become a reality.

  • MTRL

    MTRL is a global platform that supports co-creation between artists, designers, and manufacturers of various materials and technologies. Innovation in meaning creation is a new source of corporate value for manufacturers, and the thinking tools used by designers play an increasingly important role.

  • Hidakuma

    Hidakuma is a forest utilization business, co-managed by Loftwork, in the city of Hida, Gifu Prefecture. Hidakuma is exploring ways to create new value from the possibilities that exist in the trees, the forest, the region, and the traditional Japanese way of life.


Company Information

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