Who We Are

Loftwork is a global creative company

We are located in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Bangkok, Taipei, Barcelona, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Monterrey and Hida.

EMPLOYEES 150 + (See positions)
LOCATIONS 10+ (Visit us)
INNOVATORS 30,000 + (Join our network)
PROJECTS 55,000+ (See our work)

Our Platforms

Loftwork is a creative company dedicated to making a positive impact through design with a global community of innovators. Aside from providing innovative design solutions to global clients across various industries, Loftwork also operates a number of owned services and platforms, as listed below:


Inspired by the ‘Fab’ revolution as prescribed by MIT maverick Neil Gershenfeld, FabCafe is a series of ‘fab lab’ cafés. Here, the digital and the real intertwine, as maker enthusiasts and everyday people access digital fabrication tools and experiences for fields ranging from fashion to bio. Founded in Tokyo in 2012, FabCafe’s global network now serves and fosters creative communities in 10 locations around the world, including Bangkok, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and many more. Learn more here.


AWRD connects creators and businesses. With a community of 50,000 creators and an established infrastructure, the platform streamlines the awards process, allowing organizers to easily promote and manage their events online – and ultimately, to find their perfect winning entries. As part of AWRD, Loftwork has also launched ‘AWRD Spotlight’, a new series of meetup events exploring the latest in innovation and design with global creators. Learn more here.


MTRL is a material design and innovation lab for both creators and manufacturers. MTRL works with a variety of materials, ranging from the common to the cutting-edge, and has supported companies, research institutes and local governments in product development, the development of new applications, as well as branding for new markets. Through MTRL shops and labs, consumers and creators can also test, shop for and process materials on the spot. Learn more here.


The YouFab Global Creative Awards is an annual competition that showcases the latest in fabrication technology from leading creators around the world. Hosted by FabCafe, the award seeks to challenge the traditional relationship between industry and individual, and invites entrants to ‘hack’ the common sense. The award is open to a wide array of submissions – ranging from art, performance, architecture and multidisciplinary works. Learn more here.


Hidakuma is the joint venture between Loftwork and Hida local wood design studio Tobimushi, with support from the Hida city local government. Working with local sawmills, Hidakuma procures local wood for architects, designers and creators from all over Japan. Combining digital fabrication technology and Hida’s traditional woodworking techniques, Hidakuma has helped bring the city’s timber industry and culture back to life. Learn more here.

Our Mission

Creativity and Designs to Form an Ecosystem that Brings Growthy

Development of an “ecosystem” where businesses, organizations, communities,and people grow.

Taking advantage of our global-standard project management and world-leadingcreative communities that were established over 20 years, Loftwork pursuesdevelopment of a business ecosystem with everlasting value creation, whilecontinuously engaging with people, businesses, and society without beingswayed by immediate profit.

Value that We Provide

Since we started as the creator community Loftwork.com in 2000,we have always desired to be a presence that believes in the energy of creativity,creates big value based on that energy,and makes society more appealing.

Our current services and communities grew into a platform for creating innovations for businesses and society.With our creative perspectives,Loftwork will continue to confront problems,and generate new value using approaches unique to the modern age.We pursue communities where businesses,society,and creators grow together.

  • Web,AI,and Robotics.Communication Design of a Digital Era

    We design optimum online-based communications for connecting ever-improving digital tools with existing businesses.

  • Program for Supporting Making-something-from-scratch and Creating New Businesses

    We deal with existing assets from various perspectives such as those of artists and scientists,and create business seeds that lead to the future.

  • New Designs Made by Challenging Material and Technology

    Company assets meet creativity through our“MTRL”service for seeking new possibilities of materials,bringing out unseen possibilities.

  • Space and Urban Designs that Create Co-creation and New Workstyles

    We open up the human resources and assets of businesses through development of opportunities/communities for people and organizations,and connect them with outside talent.

  • Creative Platforms with Ten Hubs Worldwide

    The fabrication community“FabCafe”with ten global hubs,and online evaluation platform“AWRD”support connecting creative talents worldwide with business energy.

  • Global-standard Project Management and Framework

    Methods for building and executing the appropriate collective wisdom for confronting an uncertain present era.

Our Mind

We find and collaborate with talent worldwide.We value open-mindedness that transforms occasional conflicts into energy.
Seek Possibilities in a Creative Manner
We think and act creatively,rather than simply conduct an accurate analysis.
Work Together until the Very End
Entrust us until deployment.We guide our clients with global-standard project management abilities,not only in making a plan but also in thinking together and deploying the plan.
Joy of Being Excited
Enjoyment is one of the conditions of success.


Loftwork Data

  • The gender ratio

    The ratio of males to females is almost half.

  • The number of directors

    46 out of 102 employees are directors. Other employees are technical directors, producers, marketing and corporate division employees, etc.

  • Average age

    Most of our staff age are from 25 to 35 years old. (As of December, 2017.)

  • Percentage of projects

    Half of our projects are websites and UX design.The number of space design and new business support projects have been increasing.

  • The number of projects by industry

    Most of our clients are from Educational Institutions and Leading Manufacturing Companies.

  • Business Hub

    We are based in Tokyo, Kyoto,Taiwan and Hong Kong (12/2017). We have 10 FabCafes around world.

Company Information

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