Hankyu Corporation PROJECT

Hankyu Corporation Takarazuka Revue Website Renewal


Easy to understand, easy to use. A website renewal aiming to achieve a "communicative site." A quick experience for those looking for a trial, and a deep experience for those who want to enjoy it. Aiming for an official website where visitors can delve into the world of Takarazuka Revue

A multi-device support which understands the diversifying viewing environment.

A website inflow setup which allows people interested in Takarazuka Revue to easily access the page they wanted to access.A review of the website construction and UI in order to improve the ability to search for information in the site.

A website design which communicates the charms of Takarazuka Revue.

  • Support Content
    User interview/ Heuristic investigation/ Web renewal concept planning
    Information layout/ Design, Coding
    CMS specification planning
  • Time Period for the Project
    June 2014~March 2015


Takarazuka Revue Website


Investigating the inflow route by interviewing fans, proposing a way to organize meta-tags which fits with SEO’s newest trend.

An information layout where users can quickly access the information they want, such as the newest information about performances and tickets. Appealing to and charming users by pushing photographs of performances and stars that make users think, “I want to see the real thing!”Optimizing the design to fit the user’s viewing environment.

A plan for a CMS specification which accomodates the frequent and diverse operation flow.


Shinya Kunihiro

Loftwork Inc.
Creative Director


Ryohei Sekii

Loftwork Inc.
Technical Director


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