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Advanced technology × agriculture. Approach to innovation in Shizuoka prefecture


Organizing the requirements of business to drive activities and concrete action design

We bring innovation in Shizuoka prefecture's agriculture with cutting-edge scientific research, diversified collaboration between industry, academia, government and money. The AOI-Project (Agri Open Innovation Project) (* 1) started with the decreasing agricultural population and the agricultural production value against the background. It is the membership system "AOI forum" that plays a central role in business development. The AOI organization is responsible for its operation.

Initially when efforts with Loftwork began, a major direction as the AOI Forum 's activity was decided, but it was necessary to clarify concrete business contents. So, in Loftwork, we carefully conducted research on the parties concerned, and created a business model canvas. Together with recognition with stakeholders, we organized the information and clarified concrete milestones and actions on the AOI Forum 's communication strategy.

It was a point of view of the AOI Forum stakeholders, researchers and farmers. How to approach people concerned leads to change and new signs. I thought from the customer's point of view and formed the concrete details of the communication strategy.

* 1 AOI-Project Shizuoka prefecture, with the slogan "extending the healthy life expectancy and happiness of people around the world", applies advanced science and technology and manufacturing technology to the agricultural sector, raising the quality of agricultural products, high Advanced agricultural project aiming to realize functionalization, high yield and low cost

Process / Output

Organizing information and language of concept

What kind of value will the AOI Forum bring to the AOI Forum to become an initiator of agriculture in Shizuoka Prefecture and what action will it actually take? From the interviews with related administrative and researchers, I put concrete activity purpose and contents in the business model canvas.


Business model Canvas is a method used to create a new business framework, but in this project it is created for organization of information. From the abstract idea for a wide range of targets, we stipulated core targets and listed what the forum provides as a value.

What we can do now is revealed, and the priority of the target has also been decided so that the actions and milestones to be done next have been clarified.

Production of leaflets and posters


Parallel to the arrangement of the business model canvas, we proceeded with leaflet production. What is important in communicating the AOI Forum while trying and prototyping how to arrange necessary elements in what order and area in a limited fixed form called leaflet · What is important in terms of priority Something that is expensive has been scrutinized.

Moreover, in order to sympathize with the activities of the AOI Forum and participate, not only basic information but also elements that feel “exciting” or “romantic” of “the future that the AOI Forum draws” are included and expressed together with illustration I will.


 "In addition to basic information on activities, introduce" the future that the AOI Forum draws "and" voice of members "to sympathize and participate " ""

Construction of AOI Forum website


A website that creates opportunities for participation and new collaboration from sympathy for activities. We are working with awareness of communicating information to farmers and advanced technology researchers in an easy-to-understand manner. We also expressed advancedness with green as the key color, loading and information switching animation etc.

Planning and production of content articles for Web sites

In order to promote the creation of business projects of agriculture and related industries through co-creation of forum participants, we also provide content planning and production such as introduction of forum members and interviews with keymans.

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Promotional event management support

We also support the event management of the AOI Forum conference “The Future of Agriculture, Food and Health – AOI Project that began to move” that was held in November in order to disseminate activities widely and encourage participation in the forum .




Shingo Yoshida

Shingo Yoshida

General Foundation Agri open innovation organization

Shoma Terai

Loftwork Inc.
Kyoto Branch Business Manager


Yuki Takai

Loftwork Inc.
Creative Director


Michiko Wakimizu

Loftwork Inc.


Makoto Omori

Loftwork Inc.
Technical Director



“The AOI organization launched a research and development system oriented towards open innovation at AOI - PARC, a research facility built in Numazu, and launched the AOI Forum, a member organization organized mainly by AOI - PARC. I was also experienced in the start-up of research and development and I was able to grasp the feeling, but as I was having trouble starting up the membership organization of the AOI Forum, I gave consultation to Loftwork.
In addition to not only being able to make preparations while organizing together what to approach and who needs a message, not only was the various outputs necessary for communication as a result worked out, but also their own management of the forum Clear activities can be organized about activities as well. I hope to demonstrate to everyone by making more practical innovation by utilizing the tools I will receive in the future.”

Agri Open Innovation Organization Producer Shingo Yoshida

“Agriculture · Food · Health is an issue not only in Shizuoka prefecture but throughout Japan as a whole, and solutions born to it are likely to be impacted not only in Japan but around the world. In that sense, the AOI project was a very challenging and fun project. Due to the dreams and possibilities hidden in the project, there were some things that it was difficult to focus on the initial target and activities, but input through interviews etc., organization of correlation using business model canvas, leaflet based By stepping through the steps of prototyping, we were able to create together missions and milestones with a feeling of getting hungry as the foundation of future AOI projects.”

Creative Director Yuki Takai

“The first thing we asked was in early June. Initially, we got consultation from the point that the organization just started up in April and what we should start with. Forum site and brochure introduced as a case this time is the basic tool which becomes the starting point of communication to the last. In the future, we plan to support the project in various forms as a partner to accelerate open innovation connecting Shizuoka farmers, business operators and research institutions, which is the mission of this project.”

Producer Michiko Wakimizu


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