An EC site increasing the value of the special experience of
"Ring Choosing"


An EC site aiming to renew the image of the jewelry brands

Loftwork Taiwan took charge of creating the Website (EC site) for ALUXE DIAMOND which sells bridal jewelry based in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In order to escape the uniform image of promoting shiny diamonds and luxury, the brand value was redefined through interviews and workshops. The finished result of the EC site was a combination of high design and stress-free updating system for operators. The website was well received to be given a design award selecting the world's outstanding Websites.


Will the experience of choosing a ring change depending on Websites?

Rings are often purchased after consulting at a real store rather than online. The project started from the discussion of the necessity of EC function. After interviewing customers, the keyword “purchasing experience simulation” came into mind. Because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, customers need time to decide, so the idea was to make the experience better from the point of contact with the Website. We are aiming to interweave the brand message among these individual contacts.


Interview / Creating a customer journey map

From interviewing customers, we found some unique traits: many customers visiting the site view with a certain level of anxiety, customers visit the site several times before the actual visit to the physical store upon considering a purchase, and opinions of family members of the couple influence purchase behaviors. By creating a persona and applying it in a customer journey map, the opportunity and strength were defined of how customers’ issues may be solved.

Review the priority list of things to consider upon purchase (shape, carat weight, price range of the diamond), and investigate the reasons behind them.
Conduct an interview with 10 people and review the similarities and differences according to situations and environments.

Concept formulation · Design

The concept formulated from the interviews was “ALUXE is a Tailor for You”. The attitude of ALUXE; high level of customer satisfaction, customization ability to meet each customer’s design requests, was clearly stated. This became an essential anchor point for both the client and the designers to come back to, in discussing issues such as the design tone and manner, functions, and contents planning.

Website concept
Users design the excursion interweaving the new products and new content

Information design ・ EC site creation

To experience the assets of ALUXE on the EC site, namely, “the vast collection of ring designs” and “the variety of choices for customization of diamonds and rings”, specifications for trying out the combination of rings and stones were realized out of 3,000 types of diamonds and 600 ring designs, while narrowing down the quantity to a volume easy to select from.

At the same time, the front end utilizes Material Design Lite (design guideline) defined by Google. While reducing coding man-hours, we aim to improve the searchability and the choosing experience, corresponding to the latest environment.

In addition, we developed an API to link existing product databases and ECs, to realize unified stock management of stores and online. We support complex product management with a flexible backend.

By choosing the ring shape, the size of the diamond, and taste in design, the preferred design can be narrowed down
It is also possible to consider other combinations freely


Constructing a website that emphasizes design and customization

Tone & Manner

The tone & manner of design are formulated based on the concept. While keeping it simple and leaving sufficient space, a flat design that emphasizes the key color was adopted. We created a consistent mood paying close attention to details in movement, such as mouse-overs and page transitions.

Contents planning /production enhancing the brand narrative

Two contents were planned/produced to convey the value of the rings as a “group, collection” rather than individual items. “Find Her Style” is a content for men looking for rings to propose.

“4 Seasonal Light Collection” is a gallery with the theme of change in the light of the four seasons that shines on the diamond. We asked Instagrammers―influencers on Instagram in Taiwan and Japan to express the beautiful light of the four seasons with photos and text.

Photo by Instagram
4 Seasonal Light Collection


Highly rated by overseas design awards

The website was listed Special Award in a world-class web design award, Awwwards. and chosen as “Design of the Day” in DESIGN AWARD ASIA.

Design Awards Asia "SITE OF THE DAY"


Yuko Fujiwara

Loftwork Inc.
Creative Director


Yenning Fu

Yenning Fu

Loftwork Taiwan
Creative Director

Tim Wong

Loftwork Inc.
FabCafe Taipei / Loftwork Taiwan co-founder



“When researching different approaches in appealing the added value of products apart from “clarity” and “luxury”, a perfume website gave us a hint. There were creative ways to introduce the product value of "exquisite scent" that did not rely solely on explaining the fragrance but expanded the imagination of the viewer with the brand's philosophy and fragrance-related stories. It stirred up our minds in thinking can we apply this approach? Breaking down the stereotype of existing jewelry sites became a starting point.”

プロジェクトマネジャー 藤原 悠子


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