Heading for new value leading to 100 years
The reasons why Panasonic made 100 BANCH

"Experimental District to Make the Future, Tokyo Shibuya Hayakubanchi"
100 projects enriching the next 100 years gathered,
Short-term concentration · simultaneous multiple occurrences, create a future with ambitious young people ....
As yet unprecedented experimental area, on July 7, 2017, 100 BANCH was born in the Shibuya / Shinminkuchi area. The event that opened the whole picture of the project, "Why Panasonic made 100 BANCH aiming for new value leading to 100 years ahead", more than 100 participants, mainly business people engaged in new business! And, I realized the high degree of attention.

The backstage of unprecedented experimental space to make next 100 years enrich

A grand vision and four action guidelines

At the opening, Corporate Strategy Planning Department Future Strategy Office Mr. Noritake Rie, Loftwork Layout unit CLO Mr. Matsui introduced the background of the vision · basic concept · program.

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The chance was Panasonic’s 100th anniversary project that was established internally at next year’s celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. “What kind of company do you want to be in the next 100 years? , “When you seriously think about how to help society” (Panasonic has the word “useful”), it is useful with generations that will make the next era, where there are limits only by themselves It was the start that I wanted to try creating activities and places to challenge about.

Why are young people? Panasonic is a company the founder Mr. Konosuke Matsushita entrusted at the age of 23. At that time he was probably a venture entrepreneur who he said he had done quite a reckless challenge. Because I thought that young challenger soul is necessary again for Panasonic in the future.
In addition, Mr. Konosuke Matsushita was also a person who was looking at the future with a long term span with the 250 year plan.

From there, the basic concept of “building a youth and future with a long-term perspective” has been formulated and the GARAGE Program was launched to implement it. This program is an effort to create a future together while supporting the challenge of young people.

Panasonic Corporate Strategy Headquarters Corporate Planning Division Future Strategy Office Megumi Noritake

The GARAGE Program is a program to support young leaders under the age of 35, ambitious creative activities of the young leaders, the support content is “free rent of space” “mentoring” “information dissemination”. Starting with the goal of developing 100 projects over two years, we have had as many as 100 entries in the past three months.

The genres and categories of the projects you move in are surprisingly diverse at the end of the rose, such as robots, insect foods and loincloths. They are 2F ‘s GARAGE, not only progressing in short – term focus, simultaneous multiple occurrence but also collaboration between different projects is born.

This kind of mechanism to cause diversity and chemical reaction is in Mentor and original review method.
We are mentoring 21 top leaders in various fields of different genres and are entrusting the individual mentor to judge the entry rather than a consultation system.

Events are held as everyday and collaboration with new networks is taking place everyday. As an organizing event, we have also been carrying out “Up Cycle Hackason” to conduct experiments on new manufacturing.

At the end of the opening session, we introduce four action guidelines of 100 BANCH.

  • Create a person
    A way of thinking that leads to Panasonic’s way of thinking and connects with Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, “It is a company that creates people before making things.” I think that the power of each individual is more important in a complex era with no correct answer. With the place to challenge, we believe that people can shine.
  • Chemical reaction with WILL
    We believe that creating a future will start with personal WILL, will.
    What kind of future do you want to advance and what direction do you want to go? If such WILLs intertwice, a chemical reaction will occur. I would like to make encounters and a mechanism of chemical reaction here.
  • Experiment of how to work
    I would like to collaborate beyond organizational and company boundaries. I think that the members who move in 2F are colleagues in a new form.
  • Crossover · the Variance
    Variance is a word meaning discrepancies and differences in opinions and ideas. I would like to have different ideas. Shibuya is a city that is changing, because it is a place where diverse people gather, I believe chemical reactions are easy to occur.

Finally, Panasonic’s management philosophy of “Progress of World Culture” is posted on “Progress of World Culture”, “We are not sure if we can realize when the development of world culture has been accomplished by tremendous trials, but if we do not take action, I believe I will not be born, I want to act “(Matsui) and I talked about my enthusiasm for the future.

Loftwork Layout Unit CLO (Chief Layout Officer) Matsui

Scrum to make the impossible possible for just 9 months

The second session is behind the scenes of 100 BANCH soft side and hard side. Under Masui ‘s facilitation, Terai of Loftwork who was in charge of project management / creative direction on soft side and Furuichi who made space direction with an architect as hardware were introduced.

What gave the participants a big impact was an unprecedented project called “Experimental District that will build the next 100 years”, “In October 2016, 100 BANCH was established in only 9 months” (Matsui ). It was the fact that it was completed in a short time of threat.

Matsui says, “Whether we can make a balance between hard and soft is a challenge point, it is not the end to make, how to utilize it, how to communicate …. It is important to think comprehensively and think about it “It was revealed that close cooperation between software and hardware was the key.

Loftwork Kyoto branch business manager Shoma Terai
Furuka Yukino Architecture Design Office Yoshino Furuichi

Project design on software side

Terai introduced points on the soft side from the four perspectives “naming” “VI” “branding” “project management”. I talked about the key ideas and aims, respectively.

Space design on the hard side

Furuichi who was involved in space direction introduced “Challenge with 100 BANCH” It was important that it was important to shape consolidation of program and space simultaneously. The reason for asking Tadashi Nagasaka of interior design and design to Schema Building Planning, “We have been actively challenged to drop unprecedented programs in space with a wealth of achievements at renovations such as factories When thinking that it is a rare architect … …, he was Mr. Nagasaka. ”

I was in charge of four

  • Space, function, equipment
  • Designer, Construction Store, Maker Request Adjustment
  • Budget / schedule
  • Selection and purchase of equipment and equipment · Setting

We have done a thorough simulation of everything including scale, behavior, visualization. We did not plan to fall apart, flexibly according to the progress of the program, we proceeded to repeat change and adjustment while crossing everything, realized the goodness of sharing the same space by everyone.

As a summary of this session, Matsui was surely broken down by micro-management of software, hardware and other many child projects in a way of waterfall, members scrammed, cooperating beyond their respective responsibilities I told him that he wanted to flexibly work with Scrum even in the management of 100 BANCH in the future.

── Although MonoConnect achieved a superb service launch in three months, how was the project period of 3 months?

MonoConnect Takeuchi short, but I think that I could concentrate on that. It was because I was able to collaborate with members of 100 BANCH because I got the service launch, I think that it was because Mentor Shinichi Takamiya of Globis Capital Partners gave me various advices from the startup point of view. Without a 3 – month butt, it would have been overdue.

─ ─ In mentor, the FFF of the loincloth is Mentor Ochiai Yoichi. What kind of advice do you have?

FFF I am consulting about once every two weeks. That is the concept consultation and the life consultation. Because Ochiai is a genius, she answers everything clearly.

── The KIMONO project is a mentor by Panasonic inventor Mitsuaki Oshima, how are you?

KISABURO KIMONO Project Although I made a kimono, I did not have contact with Kyoto, but Ms. Oshima said that “Kimono is Kyoto”, Mr. Chairman of the Kyoto City Industrial Technology Research Center Textile Technology Center We had you connect. Moreover, we arrange so that we can cooperate not only with contact point but also material. Also, Mr. Oshima always calls me “Please put the switch”, so I always remember the words when I get lost.

── You are receiving a variety of advice and stimulus from the mentors. By the way, are there chemical reactions between the members?

Now Aquaponics! Kunihiro Takahara The team of Aquaponics is next to the team related to insect food and food problems, so we can exchange opinions with you. I realize that the speed of the idea goes forward by an order of magnitude, and the story of collaboration is born and growing up.

── Have you also participated in acceleration program other than GARAGE program of 100 BANCH Elegance of ECOLOGIE does you realize the difference with other programs?

ECOLOGIE We also participated in the company corporate accelerator of the company, but 100 BANCH can work freely, it is attractive and different sideways collaboration. I hope to continue using this place with my bio-related project colleagues.

How is the SHIBUYA GREEN CARD team doing a project based in Shibuya?

SHIBUYA GREEN CARD It is attractive that you can connect people and provide different opportunities. I have the opportunity to learn not only as a project but also as an individual.

──What do you plan to do as a graduate in the Computational Creativity team, which produced the results of publishing papers at the end of the 3 month period?

Computational Creativity Izumo article is currently under review, so it should be accepted safely. And I would like to drop this academic research into practical service.

── Thank you very much for everyone. Perhaps a future Nobel prize may be born from this 100 BANCH! I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

Loftwork creative director Haruka Koshimoto

Miraculous program and space require high density and heat

Closing event We talked about Mr. Mitsuhiro Suwa, President and CEO of Loftwork, “Why 100 BANCH could be a place to have strong energy” based on his own consideration.

When putting on the purpose of “Tackling the power of young people with the purpose of organizing,” the easy way to think and tackle anyone is to create a school-style program like “Panasonic XX university”, to create a space like a co-working space It might have been to make. But 100 BANCH did not. We made a bold choice to bundle 21 mentors and take a huge calorie to make a monthly review. Also, if prestigious large enterprises were ordinary, they chose the place called Shibuya and chose the old warehouse as space.
I believe that Panasonic thinks the purpose of “working the organization with the power of the young people” in a true sense, because it worked with high calorie. In response to that calorie we think of our loftwork to the utmost and think that we created such a miraculous project by designing the program and space.
By all means, I hope that other companies and organizations can do this challenge. ”

The unprecedented experimental area has only just finished 3 months. On October 31, the restaurant of the cafe company will be opened in 1F KICTHEN, and it will develop literally a bunch of more diverse people literally.

Event outline

The project “100 BANCH” which will produce 100 projects for the next 100 years started with the idea that Panasonic will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018. Three companies, Panasonic, Loftwork and Cafe Company It was born in collaboration.
It is about 3 months since opening on 7th July. Diverse project members also move in, and new efforts are being done every day to “enrich the world 100 years away”.

But why and how did you get 100 BANCH?
What does Panasonic aim for 100 BANCH and what did Loftwork support? In this event, we will introduce the latest efforts towards open innovation, such as the concept of 100 BANCH and the future aiming, and behind-the-scenes behind the scenes that can only be heard at this event. Also, ex-Panasonic and Takuma Iwasa, the current Cerevo representative, and Mr. Murase, Corporate Strategy Headquarters, Panasonic Corporate Strategy Headquarters, will also conduct a dialogue, and we will unravel what they think “What is the value of the next 100 years?”

◎ It is recommended for such a person

  • People who are involved in corporate planning, R & D and new business
  • Project Leader aiming to create new value
  • Those who want to know 100 BANCH


Seminar title The reason why Panasonic made 100 BANCH aiming at new value leading 100 years ahead
Date and time 16: 30 ~ 19: 30 (Friday, October 6) (16:00 reception start)
place 100 BANCH
150-0002 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-27-1 3F
Object Those who are involved in corporate planning, R & D, new business, project leaders aiming to create new value, those who want to know 100 BANCH
Entry fee free
Capacity 100 people
Sponsorship Loftwork Inc
Cooperation Panasonic Corporation
please note · In the case of a large number of applicants, please be pardoned in advance as it will be a lottery · Participating in consignment business such as advertising agency or production company may refuse participation, so please be forewarned · Please be forewarned by all participants Photos and announcements will be posted on our website at a later date · Programs are subject to change without notice



16: 00-16: 30
Start accepting

16: 30 to 16: 50
What 100 BANCH aims for, why it made 100 BANCH
Panasonic Corporation Corporate Strategy Headquarters Corporate Strategy Division Future Strategy Department Noritake Riee
Loftwork Layout Unit CLO (Chief Layout Officer) Hajime Matsui

  • What is 100BANCH
  • Why Panasonic started 100 BANCH
  • Three months after opening
  • What does 100 BANCH aim for

16: 50 ~ 17: 30
100 BANCH project, behind the scenes
LOFTWORK CORPORATION Layout Unit CLO (Chief Layout Officer) Hajime Matsui Creative Foundation Yoshino Architecture Design Office Furuichi Yoshino
Loftwork Kyoto branch business manager Shoma Terai

  • Space design of 100 BANCH
  • How to make a creative
  • Project Management

17: 30 ~ 18: 00
Introduction of each project by BANCH members
Loftwork Creative Director. Haruka Koshimoto

  • Project introduction from members who occupy 100 BANCH

16: 50 ~ 17: 30
Break & 2F GARAGE Tour

18: 20-19: 00
Dialogue: “What is the value of the next 100 years” aimed at by Panasonic and 100 BANCH?
President, Cerevo Co., Ltd. Takuma Iwasa
Panasonic Corporation Yasutoshi Murase
Panasonic Corporation Noritake Noritake

  • Panasonic’s Manufacturing
  • Behind the scenes of startup
  • What is the value of the next 100 years

19: 00-19: 10
Closing & Summary
Mitsuhiro Suwa, President and Representative Director, Loftwork Inc

19: 10 to 19: 40

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