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Copy work I started preparing for constipation resolution

In the planning and communication phases of creative work, it is a copywork that can force a long fight at all times.
  • concept
  • Service, product naming or catch phrase
When trying to produce such an output, we are already endless.
Even though the career start was a writer and the editor’s history was long, it was extremely difficult.
Why do you bother your head?
We chew, digest (sublimate) a lot of information, must output strictly, because so called “creative jump” which can not be solved with logic alone is strongly required.
This is a terrible difficulty degree.
Since it is not a professional copywriter, I did not struggle with copying only at the point of each aspect, but one solution that I led in the struggle history history with over 10 years of copying … …. I understand that there are things like equations that can not be solved.
What is a good copy
“A representation of unknown goodness with unfamiliar words”
With a little more detail
“Unknown goodness,
In keeping with the current world’s kiben,
Things expressed with difficult words “
about it.

Unknown goodness
Everyone feels or feels it but it is not surfaced. Things like buried values
Regarding the unknown merit, it is written that the concept of “Making a concept” has been written in a masterpiece about concept making, Shinichiro Yamaki’s “Concept must have unknown merit”, but works described as name copies in the world Are all linguished with unknown goodness or goodness which has dive.

The present world’s kibun
Something like the context, sense, value that flows throughout the world

Mindless words
Expressions that people can not easily think of, saying.

For example, among the projects Loftwork is working on, I love the naming of Japan brand’s producer support project “MORE THAN project”, full name “MORE THAN FUJIYAMA, SUSHI, SAMURAI, GEISHYA project”.
In Japan, “unknown goodness” that there are many brands that are not just public images
“Currently the world’s kibben” whether it will be delivered overseas as a movement of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Cool Japan
I express it with MORE THAN → FUJIYAMA, SUSHI, SAMURAI, GEISHYA, “easy-to-understand words”, straightforward game of easy English.
The balance between naming and logo design is also good.
Recently I recently strongly thought that I wanted to be such a hit copy hitting machine,
I started a couple of preparatory exercises so I will introduce them here.

Preparation Movement Unknown goodness and the present world of the kibun version

If we do not capture the unknown merit and the current kibun, we can not make mind-bending words.
So, I will introduce the method which I personally practiced as preparatory exercise recently.

Values ​​Surfing in "Word of Language Society"

Quotation: Word of society
Drama’s speech · Advertising copy · Product name · Song title · Celebrity’s remark · People and collective designation · Key words representing social phenomena … etc .. It is a site that collects over 2000 words of various “words” collected in Japan society from 1960 to today, and it is a chronological table. Offered by Hakuhodo.
You can see the words that Japanese people sympathize with each era from various categories.
For example, the word “family”
1992 Home regression
Let’s be family 2011
2012 2.5 Household housing
You can see that there is a flow toward home, family, home value return.

Title search on Amazon Search

Quote: Search result screen in amazon
This is a simple way of looking at the titles of books at Amazon.
· The title of the book expresses how to cut out the theme
– The siblings of the society are reflected in the title as a background
When I look at this also with my family
In this category, search with family, sort order is newest in publication year / month
“Eito filial piety” Okino Halo
“Mirage Family” Okita × Hana
“Domestic investigators saw – family’s struggle -” Yasuhiro Murao
I feel that it is the cutting edge of a family ☓ disparity society that is the world’s iven.

Preparation Motivated words

The third factor of good copying equation, “Express with difficult words to touch”.
This is not a wonder that can be worn overnight.
Anyway, I think that there is only a customization of inputting, trying to write anyway.
The tool of the most efficient input is after all Twitter.
I take a shower with difficult words
I have not thought of difficult things, I decided to follow up on my Twitter account with difficult words to send out.
@ copyy_writter
It is an account that tweets about “advertisement copy” etc. in the town, the net, the book, etc. of the copyright writer representative, Tetsuji Hasegawa, about once a day at the original interesting corporation kayak copy department.
@ Copy__writing
It is an account that many professional copywriters also follow.
It is also a problem child, even if it flames up without reprint without permission w
@ TheCopyTheMovie
One of catch-copy tweets accounts of several movies.
@ GAMEcatch_bot
Catch the copy of the game BOT. Copying of a different genre is a surprising reference.

Preparation Movement


I think that I have no choice but to write this anyway.
I have not been able to make it a habit yet …
Although the idea seems to be leaping a bit, I hope to challenge the NHK “Keitai Okiri” for the custom of writing the word anyway for training the language.
For another chance on that challenge.
Ryosuke Hara

AuthorRyosuke Hara(Senior Creative Director)

Former chief editor at a Kansai-based fashion/culture magazine, he joined loftwork in June 2014 after stints at a robot technology related venture, and a strategic PR consulting firm. Mainly in charge of client businesses' “own media”, and growth strategies and tactics for services. Likes editing, and is said to have a beautiful voice. Working to the theme of “communication that moves peoples' hearts”, he is currently researching the essentials of that mechanism, and the latest state-of-the-art techniques. He also writes a blog for the Huffington Post



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