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A scenario and a presentation story that leads "the best idea of ​​your idea"

YO F *** ‘IN Tomohi, I do not worry so much that the story that I speak is dead so dead, sorry. (© Mobu Norio ” Introduction to Long- Term Care “). I will introduce the scenario and presentation, “in other words, the knowledge that I always practice about” composition of the contents to convey and how to tell it “as it is titled.

In the company’s idea presentation event ” Creative Meeting ” held by Loftwork once a month, I introduced the idea of ​​the scenario creation method and received “BEST INNOVATIVE” “BEST CREATIVE”.
The idea is to learn the scenario creation method done by Akira Kurosawa by the movie “Seven Samurai” and to write a scenario concurrently in a camp style in partnership with partners, It is the content that I tried to practice.

Between here and me, I was aiming to be aware of getting the award at this presentation, and it came as expected.
In the presentation, I’m learning from the wisdom of several pioneers about the method to guide “your best idea is the best idea.”
Although the competition winning percentage at the bottom is not very good, though (wry smile).

The present society is full of opportunities for presentation etc. presentation etc for presenting to client, presentation of new business idea, presentation with Hackason or ideason, presenting new colleagues of challenge … …. YO Tomohito, I am fortunate if the summary of the methods put together here becomes someone’s wisdom.

How to make inspiration

The impression here is not the impression of tears, it is the impression that moves the mind, there are three things that always conscious.
1) For surprise, “gap, heading, twist”
2) For laughter “relaxation of tension”
3) For sympathy, “Self, Ass, Now” “Me We Now”

"Gap, head, twist" is created by starting from the furthest position

“Think about the idea from the farthest position from the message you want to convey, convert the meaning in the middle and converge on the message.

This is a method learned from the training method practiced by young overseas creative agency youngsters who won the Cannes Advertisement Award.

In this scenario, it is the first page that “I can not see a movie”. The title that we announced to the venue was “Seven Samurai River Scenario Creation Procedure”, but he brought a message to the head that is located in the game. Whatever the story begins, the aim is to give participants “!” And “?” “What?”
On the next page, I made a page on the introduction that the movie I saw in the past few years is only “Okayama diary”, and I posted the impression of the movie (bad reputation) that was too boring to amazon’s review, I continued.
This may be funny. Are you okay? The aim was to let the participants’ hearts fly to a further distance somewhere.

Then, twists afterwards. Although a movie can not be watched, I will learn to the wisdom of a genius film director! And it returned. This completes “gap, head, twist”.

Rakugo's method, for laughter "tension and relaxation"

“Relaxation of tension” is the theory of Mr. Rikuno Katsushiro who tried to elucidate the laughter logically. People are relaxed and smiling unexpectedly by shifting serious contexts and tense situations.

On the slide of “I can not see the movie” I deliberately seriously impressively deliberately say, “I can not keep it for two hours, maybe ADHA” (not really ADHA but level of rest w) The phrase and what I used to do was to create tension.

Syllogism of steel plates that generate empathy "Self, Ass, Now"

To encourage people to sympathize and behave behind that, speak with the story of “self, ass, now”. Introduction Self = my personal story, then Ass = everyone’s story, lastly the current story is that Now should act now.

It is a method of Dr. Marshall Gantz of Harvard University who teaches about theory and practice called “Community Organizing” for ordinary people to cause social change. Takafumi Horie introduced this method as “Me We Now Theory” when he appeared in a television program “Shikkiri sensei” learning lessons about life failures. I always try to keep this in constant condition.
Although it is difficult to start from a personal story by presentation to the client, I think that it is effective to mix it at the time of ice break or to talk about it as a story of one user.

Also, since it is an act out of this method, there is a thing that warns myself that it is useless to do it.

· Narcissistic feeling at the doya face · Small difficult expression, full of technical terms · State where the audience is not known



Moveing ​​the heart and body of others is just as hard as creating a wonderful idea. It is impossible to reach the ideal world unless it keeps trying to put the idea strategically in midst of the way, how to transmit it, and even how it spreads after it is created only by creating an idea. YO F *** ‘IN Tomo, let’s keep doing.

Ryosuke Hara

AuthorRyosuke Hara(Senior Creative Director)

Former chief editor at a Kansai-based fashion/culture magazine, he joined loftwork in June 2014 after stints at a robot technology related venture, and a strategic PR consulting firm. Mainly in charge of client businesses' “own media”, and growth strategies and tactics for services. Likes editing, and is said to have a beautiful voice. Working to the theme of “communication that moves peoples' hearts”, he is currently researching the essentials of that mechanism, and the latest state-of-the-art techniques. He also writes a blog for the Huffington Post



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