When you visit the website you will be limited to "what you see" such as graphical design, movement with gimmicks, content with readiness, etc. that remain in the user's impression. However, although it is not invisible usually, the system which is actually as important as the visible part supports all the websites. This time we will introduce Technical Director, Ryohei Sekii, who suggests optimal system design for clients. It is a force under the edge of loft work.

It is the coordinator of the director and development engineer, that is the job of the technical director

First of all, what kind of work is Technical Director?

"The technical director of Loftwork is a manager who manages projects from the technical point of view, but technical directors do not actually code or program, but the style of loftwork that does not make creators resident in the company Is also common on the system side, we are building a project team with outside people every time, among them, we got between engineers such as programmers and coders, web director, sometimes client and web director We will scrutinize and adjust what kind of system construction is best for the case, what kind of coding can realize the specification written by the director, or whether the client is making it easier to operate "

When I fell by the last interview of loftwork, I wrote a letter and subordinated

Sei is from a college of computer science and engineering, and in April 2008 I joined Loftwork with a new graduate. While employment for the SE job was common, what was the motivation to choose Loftwork?

"I felt that while I was in college I was more like a director-like position to make something in contact with people than a programmer, so at first I was looking for a web director job and looking for a loft Now that we met work, Loftwork has a wide range of projects ranging from developing global sites of major companies to game content and manufacturing cafes called FabCafe, but at the time I joined it, it was a smaller company However, from the time I joined the company, I remember not being caught only by web production, for example I wanted to build, for example, I wanted to create new things with flexible ideas and a broad perspective That was very attractive to me. "

However, desiring to join the company, Seiji will be defeated at the final interview. However, she did not give up here.

"The last interview was a representative forest, but after I got the result of the losing, I wrote a letter saying I want you to interview again for the forest. (Laugh) Then I got a reply, I got an offer to talk with Suwa, one of the representatives, and the system div was advised by Suwa. In fact, it was the system division I studied during my college days It was a department that could make use of knowledge, and gradually wished to join us in two things because I could challenge myself what I wanted to do. "

We welcome customers at the party (photo left)

Close to the feelings of the client, work as a technical director

Work on system div. Requiring technical knowledge and coordination. What is the motto of Seiki's technical director?

"The motto is that it is easy for the client to use, it is to be able to make something nice for the customer properly.The creative director tries to build a website such as how the user responds by creating a website or service that the client wants I think that we are looking at the effect before, but our technical director thinks more about the ease of use of the client itself and the ease of operation.Therefore, we always think about the operation system inside client company, We are thinking about whether there are things that are more user friendly. "

Finally I asked about the challenges of work and the future goals.

"The fact that the specification written by the director was handed over to the developer, the design is implemented, and the moment of seeing the place where it was moved and shaped is that I feel that my heart is hot and I think it's fun And, after all, I realize that it is fun to talk with clients actually, rather than programming as a technician.When I see the client directly, I need the system side opinion such as the beginning of the project etc. Only when I will talk with producers and directors, I think that I would like to make better proposals while talking with more clients in the future.Yah, I have not done it yet. "

On the reverse side of the system that is hard to see at first glance, there seems to be a warm feeling that pursues ease of use as the client feels. The attitude is also the same in the company, staff will go to ask Seiki for help if something goes wrong with the network or you do not know the operation of the PC. Every time Seiki does not have a bad face, he thinks about how to solve it together. I hope that this gentle and sincere attitude and ambition which does not always compromise will continue to strongly support loft work!

See the total lunar eclipse with the staff on the rooftop (photo left)

Why do not you work together with Loftwork?

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