Shinya Kunihiro joined Loftwork in March 2011. Kunihiro who has been a career as a graphic designer chose Loftwork as the next stage in order to expand the field of designing.

From superficial design, I heard the thought of Kurohiro who challenges the design of the whole project.

From appearance design to comprehensive design

“Of course I was confident and I also felt rewarding that I worked as a designer in my previous job, but the part involved as a designer since some time has ended on paper or on a package only I felt like I was thinking about designing and thinking that I could start from a deeper place such as society, the environment, culture etc. From such system development I came across a style loft work that produces a total to the design. ”

The scope that design can engage has changed significantly over the last few years. Now that the various information infrastructures of society are moving to the Web, it is not ending with design work on the surface, but in a big sense that we can think from the environment and relationships in which goods and services actually function The power of design is needed.

“At present, there is a lot of mechanical work, but at the first glance there are many mechanical work on the Web site, but eventually the creation of circulation of communication between the sender side and the receiver side is a mission For that, of course, web design as a good looking thing is also important, but at the same time the function must also be excellent at the same time I feel a certain response to the things that can be thought of from the part I was left to engineers until now. “

Confirm final confirmation with staff

From Tokyo to Kyoto, the prospects for global expansion and regional revitalization

The Kyoto office “Loftwork Karasuma”, which is the first branch office of Loftwork in September 2011, opens. Kunihiro is a candidate for a launch member, and is appointed as one of the three staff members. I joined Karasumaru in half a year after joining the company.

Such a dream, it is to move various projects around the world with 16,000 creators who register at

Kyoto, launch member of the Karasuma office and representative Suwa

“There are two dreams as a creative director, one is to move that stage to the world, originally I like ethnic cultures such as Africa, and I have touched excellent ethnic music and painting while traveling. But what I’ve noticed while traveling is that you should be able to have more opportunities to create such a wonderful culture to the world and more opportunities to make money.Through that experience, We believe that we can contribute to society by designing a mechanism that combines culture and the power of the Web to create a place of expression and employment. ”

“And the other is to make use of the knowledge as a creative director for regional revitalization in the country.The place I was born is the town where the super aging of department of Hyogo prefecture and depopulation are going.Every time I go back to town, The vitality of the company is getting more and more dilapidated Since there are unique culture and climate in the area, I would like to realize the mechanism by which we can enrich the economy by utilizing them by using the Web.Where the place where I was born has been constantly I want it. “

At Morocco visited just before joining Loftwork

“I believe that I ran for the launch member of the Karasuma office this time as the first step to realizing these two dreams What kind of things can be done from scratch in a place different from Tokyo , I’d like to try it first, the immediate goal is to become a hub of the network of creators in Kansai. ”

To design a mechanism is to face social problems as well. The perspective of Kunihiro is also directed towards social problems and the world from creative origin.

Kunihiro Kunihiro who has the ability as a creator and joined Loftwork as a director. We have already gained high reputation from clients and partners and provide excellent output.

“It is still to come”

Shibuya Kunihiro who is talking about excitement with bullish eyes while being humble, creative to send from Karasuma, please look forward to everyone.

At the Shibuya office
At the Shibuya office

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