Domestic items of USIO Design Project received Golden Pin Design Award

Five specialty items redesigned at USIO Design Projcet won the package design department of 2016 Golden Pin Design Award (Golden Pin Design Award).
From 2013 when the USIO Design Project started, Loftwork created a sustainable system that allows Ishigaki City to self-run through the various projects such as designing projects, planning and running design competitions, creating websites and brochures .

Award items

  • Salt of Ishigaki
  • Black sugar ginger syrup
  • Ryukyu Awamori Mon rainbow
  • Aman’s undermish
  • Island herbal tea

Gold point design award is the most prestigious design award in Taiwan, in product design division, 5 items are awarded as innovative excellent products made for Chinese market, of which “island herb tea” Is nominated for the finalists of ‘Best of Golden Pin’ where only about 20 products out of over 3,000 entries are selected. Best presentation is scheduled for December 1.

What is USIO Design Project

Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki City Tourism Culture Division sponsored a project to rediscover the charm of Ishigaki Island with the power of design.
Providing a new “travel point of view” to travelers to the island, challenging to create a mechanism to keep the charm of the island always discovered, not transient, over 400 creators from all over the world have participated so far It was.
Activities with the 1st ” Reconstructing specialties ” (2013 – 2014), 2nd ” redesigning a trip ” (2014 – 2015), 3rd ” Knitting stories ” (2015 – 2016) Continue , I am now presenting the scene of the life of Ishigaki Island and the unique local content from the Instagram official account ( @ishigaki_now ) operated by Ishigaki City Hall.

Award items

“Salt of Ishigaki”

Producer: Ishigaki Co., Ltd. Salt × Designer: IDEA N DESIGN
Sales location: Ishigaki’s salt workshop

“Brown sugar ginger syrup”

Producer: Hawaiian · Grotto × Designer: Yoshiro Nakagawa Sales location: Hawaiian · Grotto

“Ryukyu Awamori Mon Rainbow”

Producer: Bakufu Sake Brewery Limited Company × Designer: Yoshitaka Hanerou Sales Location: Besshu Brewery Shop

“Ama’s Under Mish”

Producer: Ooya food × designer: Atsushi Honda
Sales location: Shiraho Sunday city

“Island herbal tea”

Producer: Shiraho Sunday city × Designer: Tatsuro Hirano
Sales location: Shiraho Sunday city

Winner profile


    While conducting design activities as IDEA N DESIGN (idea and design), he works as a design consultant for small and medium enterprises.
  • Yoshiro Nakagawa graphic designer. Mainly design and produce various printed materials.
  • Yoshiteru Hanerou Graphic designer. In addition to car design, advertisement and packaging, paper media, he also handles comprehensive designs such as Web and UI.
  • Honda Atsushi
    graphic designer. Activities in the field of graphic design under the name of sekilala.
  • Tatsuro Hirano
    Art director / graphic designer. -trope. Representative. Tokyo ADC Award winner, Display Design Award (DDA) Encouragement Prize and many others.

Art Direction

  • Shoji Terai
    Senior / Creative Director, Loftwork. Work on various creatives such as logo, product, content, exhibition, direction of design competition.

About Loftwork Co., Ltd.

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