Speaking of loftwork, there are images that the web director works a lot, but of course, people of other professions also work. This time I introduce Toshiya Kashiwagi who is a producer of the marketing department. Producers work to acquire deals and make contacts as a company. In other words, it is a person who creates “beginnings” of work.

The place where I outsource myself was loft work

Kashiwagi jumped from the manager of a bridal jewelry to the world of the Web, he is also a career of a different color. What on earth has he made him do so?

“Actually I started a web company once at the age of 18. I thought about making a referral site for a doctor when the site was not properly born yet, but it did not work very well ( There was also a feeling that timing was a bit too early, after that I entered a bridal jewelry company with a new graduate.I was a good company, the script of management was firm and stable.It is a very nice company Because I was able to leave good results as store management, but because it was the world of only ceremonies, hotels, and general customers, I thought that I wanted to see a little bigger world in the first place It was a motive for changing jobs. ”

Kashiwagi has returned from the world of bridal jewelry to the world of challenging the university era. Actually, before entering Loftwork, we have another production company in between. The encounter with Loftwork was the outsource destination at that time.

“In the era of production before Loftwork, when I outsourced it in a certain mobile case, it was loft work that I knew, although I did not place an order as a result (laugh), that time People who became seniors afterwards, but I was hired by the personality of the person and the entertainment of the company and hoped to join the company as it is because I outsource myself and I got a job as it is ) “

As expectations are high, we have to catch up neatly

Despite the same web industry, I jumped into the creative theme, so Kashiwagi started off with a totally different environment. Did the world of Kashiwagi spread by having came to Loftwork?

“Even if the creator community that Loftwork is making does not just network, it was immediately apparent even if it came from another field.The creator community was created in the cause of distributing creatives, For Loftwork, value is established as a place to interact as a portfolio for creators, as well as being a platform that makes it easy to order work, which is functioning visibly. It is completely different from running it something fashionable, etc. It is fresh for me who has lived a life that is free from both art and creative, of course the world has expanded ”

So, did you actually work and there was a part that was slightly different from the forecast?

“The expectation will be high in a nice sense or a bad meaning.Loftwork has a presence media with presence and there are clients with big name, so we may occasionally receive a large request. And unfortunately, there are times when I have a touched feeling that can not meet expectations, but even if I get into trouble in that way, I will not escape by saying “it is a specification” (laugh) .Loftwork is your partner It is a company that always chooses to be satisfied neatly regardless of profit.It is a company that can do both a firm challenge and a good balance. “

Creating a relationship of trust is the creator of the producer

Among Loftwork, there are few replacements of members, and among the 60 employees, about 10 marketing departments are one of a very good section. Among them, what is the moment when you feel the most rewarding as a producer?

“Of course I’m happy when I got a case, but it’s nice if the production actually goes well and you can get along with the client or if the client with a worried face smiles, and private and holiday together It is a great pleasure to share pleasure with members of the marketing department who often spend time with. ”

Moreover, I asked the significance of the producer that produces such a high engagement.

“Although it may not be as meaningful as extreme, if creation for the director is a project’s creation, our creation is to create a relationship of trust, which requires accurate understanding of the client’s business domain It is necessary to be in a position to have expert knowledge and to be sincere.Whether you are facing the same direction as the client or are aiming for the same goal, you will always be conscious of it. “

Members of Loftwork (Photo left)

Finally, what do you want to do with loft work from now on, what is your future dream?

“Basically, I do not think much about doing the best in my current efforts, but of course I’d like to be involved in enlarging more loftwork and, of course, for the client, I would like to be not only a person who can ask “but also something that I can talk to when I have a challenge in my business and I want to be able to propose what I can do on the Web from there. As the model and the Web are always running side by side, I also want to realize client innovation as a partner who can understand client’s troubles and issues. ”

Kashiwagi ‘s job is to connect people and people with confidence, even if you are in the same manufacturing site with loft work. Instead of being invisible, having someone who is happy in front of us gives us the best sense of accomplishment.

Characteristics of loft work are also good relations among employees. Take my son and ski (photo right)

Why do not you work together with Loftwork?

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