“A ‘Design Award 2017 ” (A Dash Design Award, headquarters and Italy) The brand visual of the creative lounge ” MTRL ” operated by Loftwork received the Silver Award at the graphic visual design department of the international design competition .

The silver prize is awarded to the top 5% of the designs evaluated at this award, and it is elected not only by anonymous But Also By Judges Various Judgments By Academic Institutions ‘Authorities And Experts. The Winners Will Be Named In The List Of ” World Design Rankings “, ” Design Classification “, ” DesignMag.Org ” And Others.

MTRL ‘s brand visual has also won the Silver Award at Design for Asia Award in November 2016. Please click here for the message of Mr. Masao, a winner designer.

Team Members
Art direction / Design:
Hiromi Maeo ( enhanced Inc. )

Creative Direction:
Tatsuya Iwasaki

Akira Moriuchi (Loftwork Inc.)

Nobutada Omote ( OMOTE Nobutada Photography )
Akira Moriuchi, Mayumi Ishikawa, Takashi Maki (Loftwork Inc.), Tatsuya Iwasaki

Official Web Design:
Dai Yoshinaga ( ADRIATIC )

Fumihiko Sano ( studio PHENOMENON )

What is A 'Design Award & Competition

A ‘Design Award & Competition is an excellent design, what is a good design? It was established with the aim of urging people to recognize the viewpoint and recognition.
Good Good Spatial Design (Building, Interior, City, Landscape) Good Industrial Design (Goods, Home Appliances, Vehicles, Mechanical Equipment), Good Communication Design (Graphic, Interaction, Marketing), Good Fashion Design (Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Footwear) , Good System Design (service, design strategy, quality & innovation), and art and literature, five awards of platinum, gold, silver, bronze and iron are awarded in each division Yes.

MTRL ‘s brand visual won the Silver Award in the graphic and visual communication design division.

Please see the details of the award from the following.

MTRL 's identity

“MTRL ” opened in Kyoto and Tokyo in December 2015 as a creative lounge which captures all old and new / tangible intangible as “material ” and faces it. MTRL is a place to connect materials, new technologies and new creatives, and it is also a place where creators, academics, companies collaborate and create new trends.

In constructing MTRL ‘s visual identity, we focused on MTRL ‘ s inclusion of some “material ” besides material material, and first systematically organized each material.

1. Original Physical Materials (traditional materials, new materials)
2. Human Materials (Creators and academics)
3. Corporate Materials (Companies providing new technologies and traditional materials)
4. Generative Materials (founder of MTRL)

In MTRL ‘s identity, these four symbols are a visually simplified version of a variety of material Materials and it is regarded as symbolizing the diversity of the other three Materials / Corporate Materials / General materials, It becomes a symbol.
Patterns using these changes and combinations are icons that arouse people ‘s imagination and promote imagination.
We think that each is a unique place to create innovative business while co-creating with equal opportunities, it is a unique identity that represents MTRL which is the source of innovation.

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