Having settled the accounts for the 2017 fiscal year of ‘Bear Dances In Hida Forest (Hidakuma)’ the other day, it became clear that the initial goal of turning a profit by year three has been achieved. Since its establishment in 2015 as a third sector organization (public-private partnership entity) via partnership between Hida City and Tobimushi, cooperation between locals and creators visiting the abundant forests and landmarks of Hida have helped realize the goal of bringing the company ‘into the black’.

For example,

  • Collaboration with over 20 local woodwork companies
  • More than 44 types of tree species treated

By making use of the individual properties of hardwoods in product development, for example their smaller diameters and colors, Hidakuma forges ahead into its third year full of initiatives into which many people have put a great deal of thought. In order to grow further going forward, it was decided at the shareholder’s meeting in March 2018 to increase capital investment. This was subsequently reported to and approved by Hida City Council in June.

As a result of this additional capital increase, Loftwork will now hold more than half of the shares and Hidakuma will become a subsidiary. However, as the efforts of Hida City, Tobimushi and Loftwork remain unchanged, full collaboration between all parties will continue as the mission to utilize Hida’s forests powers ahead.

We look forward to your continued support of Hidakuma as we face into the future.

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