Left:David OReilly / Right:Hideki Matsutake

“NEWVIEW,” a joint project by Loftwork Inc (Shibuya, Tokyo), Psychic VR Lab Inc (Shinjuku, Tokyo), and Parco Inc (headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo), has newly announced the additional judge and details of the award for “NEWVIEW AWARDS,” the VR contents award that they are currently accepting submissions for. This award is the forerunner of the near future in which all creators work with three-dimensional space expressions (VR), pursues new expressions and cultures/lifestyles, and aims to discover next generation creators who drive “ultra experience design.”

The additional judge is a genius who made a revolution in CG animation

The judge that was additionally announced is David OReilly, a creator from Ireland. Having started a revolution in CG animation with expressions making use of “glitches” such as errors and noise, and garnered attention by creating an imaginary video game that appeared in Spike Jonze’s award-winning film, “Her,” David OReilly will be judging the VR contents submitted from all over the world.

New announcement of details for the "Hideki Matsutake Award," "PARCO Award" and "DELL Award"!

The Hideki Matsutake Award is the right to ask Mr. Matsutake to compose a piece of music. Complementary provision of music also provided to participating creators.

Hideki Matsutake Award is decided to be a right to collaborate with Hideki Matsutake, who’s a musician, programmer for synthesizer in order to create a tune for her/his own piece of work.  It is chosen from among VR contents which use music and are impactful to hear and to see. For this award, Mr. Matsutake dedicated his own two pieces of works, “NEWVIEW1” and “NEWVIEW2” for free. Among them, “NEWVIEW2” is provided in a form divided into base, drum, etc so that creators can experiment by editing on them on DAW or lay them out on the space of VR. They can be downloaded from the official website of NEWVIEW.

PARCO Award is a right to tie-up with PARCO and create a VR content

PARCO Award is a right to tie-up with PARCO and create a VR content.  PARCO developed VR contents for fashion as a trial to explore how to apply VR technology to fashion and retail field, and demonstrated at various opportunities such as SXSW held in Austin, U.S.A.. The award winner can approach fashion and culture industry by collaboration with PARCO by creating a VR shopping content.

DELL Award is a premium gaming note book ALIENWARE 15

DELL Award is to win ALIENWARE 15, a PC for next generation, equipped with Intel®’s Core™ i9 series and latest GeForce graphics. With an unique cooling system called Cryo-tech V2.0, high and stable performance lasts for long time. Not only for gaming,  but many creators love to use the product.


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