"Design Management" Declaration by the "the Study Group on the Relation between Industrial Competitiveness and Designs"

With Co-founder and Representative Director Chiaki Hayashi involved as a committee member, the “”the Study Group on the Relation between Industrial Competitiveness and Designs”” (presided by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Patent Office) has published a report on their activities over the past year since July 2017.
The “”the Study Group on the Relation between Industrial Competitiveness and Designs”” is a research group that was born as a result of policy recommendations to hire specialists that are involved in “design” in various forms and who are active in the front lines, with the objectives of sorting out the issues and examining the corresponding countermeasures towards strengthening the competitiveness of Japanese companies through design.
It will be difficult to understand design with just words and no action as the subjects and areas involved are growing everyday. Just like this, discussions have been carried out on 11 occasions in regard to the intrinsic values of growing “design”, as well as the impact on corporate management and business.
The report has been summarized into “Design Management” Declaration and released online along with the collection of past cases on May 23, 2018. A press column written by Chiaki Hayashi was also published in line with this.

“Design is an important management resource. The leading companies in the world have already realized this for a long time and are increasing their investments in this area. However, many Japanese companies are still using technology as a means of innovation and do not recognize the importance of design. (partial omission)”. The members of the research group share a unanimous view and the discussion was further accelerated.
– As mentioned by Chiaki Hayashi in the “Design Management” Declaration

You can download the "Design Management" Declaration report and past cases in PDF version below.

"Design Management" Declaration (PDF/2.9MB)

"Design Management" Past Cases (PDF/365KB)

Future Activities

The research group will continue to expand the discussion forum in future and carry out promotional activities for “design management”. An open event was carried out on June 13, 2018 and July 13, 2018 as the very first step. We will also inform you of the latest updates in the News/Event pages from time to time, and we look forward to your participation.

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