Tomohiro Yabashi

COO Tomohiro Yabashi

Tomohiro Yabashi joined Loftwork Inc in 2006. As COO, he leads Loftwork's marketing department, and proposes optimum creative solutions to meet the demands of the markets and his clients.

In 1989, he graduated in electronics from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. He then entered RECRUIT, Co. Ltd. At the Nagoya IMS division, and then in Osaka from 1996, he was responsible for the network planning and proposals of large corporations. He also made corporate proposals regarding the practical use of Internet connections during the early days.
From 1998, he transferred to Tokyo, and was one of the start-up members of the portal site ISIZE. After that, he started up a new promotion service business using the Internet and email, and was responsible for communication planning and the design of business strategies.
In May 2006, he left RECRUIT, Co., Ltd., and entered Loftwork in June of the same year.