Creating new value by blending technology and art in KENPOKU Art Hack Day


KENPOKU Art Hack Day
First hackathon held to determine participants in KENPOKU Art 2016

In the fall of 2016, "KENPOKU Art 2016" will be held, set on the land and water of six cities and town in the northern region of Ibaraki Prefecture. In advance of this, for a total of four days in October and November 2015, the "KENPOKU Art Hack Day" hackathon was held to choose the works that will be a part of the art festival. This was the first such event in the country.

Loftwork Inc. handled the planning and administration of KENPOKU Art Hack Day, which was being held as one of KENPOKU Art's creative, PR, and social programs. At this art hackathon, three works were ultimately selected. In cooperation with three other hackathons and award events held in the country, a total of seven works were chosen to participate in the art festival.



Online content publication and appeals for contributions

Promoted event entry, primarily on the web
Reports and profiles of the selected works following the hackathon


General creative development, including merchandise and promotional leaflets

JTQ Inc. CEO Mr. Junji Tanigawa has served as Creative Director for KENPOKU Art. He has also provided creative supervision for KENPOKU Art Hack Day. The logo design was overseen by Mr. Kenji Okamoto, who is also serving as Official Designer for KENPOKU Art 2016.

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What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a participatory event in which participants use their skills to produce and create within a fixed time frame and on a specific topic or theme.

At this art hackathon, artists, engineer, researchers, designers, traditional artisans, and other participants from a wide range of backgrounds assembled as teams. While taking inspiration from the nature and history of northern Ibaraki, they strove to create new expressive works combining technology and art.

10/24-25 IDEATION


Judging panel

For details on the four days, please see the following.

To get inspiration for their works, the participants took a trip around northern Ibaraki. They refined their ideas through discussion with other participants.

While working on team building, the participants further refined their plans for their works, based on the ideas and inspiration they received on Day 1.

The discussions built up over the two weeks since Ideation were brought to life in the form of expressive works over the two days of Prototyping.

In the end, three works were selected. In cooperation with three other hackathons and award events held in the country, a total of seven works were selected.

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Chiaki Hayashi

Loftwork Inc.
Co-founder and Representative Director


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Loftwork Inc.
Executive Officer


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Loftwork Inc.


Yuki Takai

Loftwork Inc.
Creative Director


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Loftwork Inc.


Shinya Watanabe

Shinya Watanabe

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