Delta Electronics PROJECT

Development of co-creative type new product


Foil for domestic water cultivation "foop" born in co-creation

Delta Electronics established the IoT department in 2014 and starts development of a start-up new product in a way different from the approach so far. Development of the "foop" for domestic aquaculture targets targeting general consumers was promoted with the motto of venture spirit.

It is characterized by Delta 's internal resources being minimized, outsourcing most of the journey, loft work, FabCafe, bear dancing in Hida forest (Hidakuma) cooperated and supported each process. Focusing on FabCafe, field research, an ideation workshop, and product design were conducted. We procure timber as a product material with Hidakuma. Loftwork was responsible for web construction and content creation.

Project overview

  • Assistance content
    Hypothesis planning and verification by prototype field survey ideation Procurement of timber for product design / directional product (Hida wood)
    Implementation of UI design / paper prototyping workshop for dedicated application
    Web design · Contents production
  • Main project members
    FabCafe Tokyo
    Loftwork Co., LTD. Bears dance in Hida forest
    Techno Labo Inc.
    T2T Inc.
    Bloombroom Design etc.



FabCafe was in charge of direction, product design was Hara Kanbara of BARAKAN DESIGN famous for design such as Kadokesi, and mechanical design was done by Techno Labo Inc.

Web site

IoT hydroponic cultivation machine "foop" Web site


UI design of dedicated application

Interview with project members

Listen to project members, development stories

Interview details


Manufacturer × User × Creator Co-creation type product development




Number of units sold on the first day of sales


Number of Web site accesses on 2 days after product release



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