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Ishigaki-jima, a popular sightseeing spot where more than 1 million people visit each year. Starting with the question "Is it possible to be in a place that is kept loved by everyone while maintaining an important environment?", I rediscovered the charm of Ishigaki Island from the external perspective over the past two years, and send out USIO DESIGN We have implemented PROJECT. The theme of the third year when it was the last year is "reediting". Under the cooperation of local editors, I summarized it in the website and booklet to convey the charm of Ishigakijima which I have rediscovered so far to many travelers both in Japan and abroad.

Providing a new "travel point of view" to travelers who visited Ishigakijima, it is a "region × design" project that challenged making a structure to keep the charm of the island constantly discovered, not transient.


Website focusing on experience "ISHIGAKI NOW"

ISHIGAKI NOW - Experience and sightseeing spot information that feels like Ishigakijima island - Web site


A website on the island feels the island

Information on Ishigaki-jima which is a sightseeing place already has many guide books and web sites already. What ISHIGAKI NOW aimed for is not to go through the points on the guide book like a stamp rally, but to deliver to the general traveler what kind of perspectives you would like to spend at Ishigakijima in that place .

Have the viewpoint for feeling a new Ishigakijima feeling at the moment of instant such as guidance from the entrance screen of free Wi-Fi in the island and the recommended content matching the time zone of the website visit, and more It is aimed at having Ishigaki Island experience deeply.

In the area on the upper left of the Web site, current weather information and age information are displayed as a live impression. Especially age is acquired by API to express the unique work of Ishigakijima where the phases of the moon are closely related to daily lives, and it is updated in real time.

Professional editing team with diverse perspective

We formed a creator team in line with “diversity” and “external viewpoint” that were keywords throughout the project. As a foreigner’s point of view and a traveler’s point of view, Mr. Lucas of the editor of “PAPERSKY” editor of the magazine ‘PAPERSKY’ with the concept of “in-flight reading magazine on the ground” and a writer of the magazine “Momoto” putting the editorial department inside the island as a viewpoint within Ishigaki- Mr. Yuzuko Matsushima worked with Hokkaido ‘s direction & production team ” Gear 8 ” who is well versed in the inbound of tourists from Asia. Based on my experiences of disseminating various charm both in Japan and abroad, I covered 50 articles in a week.

Information dissemination in traditional Chinese. Love call to Taiwan

More than 250,000 Taiwanese tourists visit Ishigakijima, which is closer to Taiwan than the main island of Okinawa. For travelers from Taiwan, which often have cultural exchanges from the past, we also develop all the contents in Traditional Chinese, not English, in order to get to know Ishigakijima more deeply.

A picture library that anyone can use for free

We re-edited 400 photos selected carefully for the 3-year project and prepared a photo library to be released with CC (Creative Commons License). It enables search by various conditions such as color, location, category, etc., and it is provided as a material that anyone can use when transmitting information from inside and outside the island. It is also assumed as a public information tool that Ishigaki City Tourism Culture Division utilizes in response to external inquiries.

"Sightseeing Guidebook for People in Ishigaki Island" ISIGAKI NOW / journal

Know the true Ishigaki-jima at “departure and arrival point of travel”.

In order to provide a viewpoint that travelers who visited Ishigaki Island do not travel solely around so-called sightseeing spots but carefully taste the air and stories on the spot, a new booklet “ISHIGAKINOW / journal “Was issued. We distribute it at airports, harbors, hotels, etc. to provide awareness at the starting point of the journey.

In addition, a simple design that imagined a photo collection rather than an information magazine, appointed a colorful photograph taken inside the island and a size feeling easy to put in a bag when traveling the island, a photograph collection rather than an information magazine, a sightseeing with various leaflets Even at the information center, we are aiming for the effect that you want to pick up at the moment you first saw it. By pursuing the quality that I want to take home with, I expect the ripple effect to friends and family around even when the trip is over. Of course, like the website, all the articles are listed together in Traditional Chinese.

Approach to sustainability

A library of photos released free of charge on CC is a system that allows people to use photos even after individual projects, regardless of individuals or corporations. By linking with the external service flickr, the Ishigaki City Hall, a client, can continue to add photos continuously.

Also, since the article contents are produced in collaboration with the local magazine editorial department ‘Momoto editorial department’, even if Loftwork leaves the project, it is possible to continue making new articles only in the island .

Even if it is not possible to update Web sites frequently, by loading Instagram’s hashtag ( #ishigakinow ) and displaying it, “Now” of Ishigakijima is delivered in real time.

Many actions implemented at ISHIGAKINOW ‘s website and ISHIGAKINOW / journal (booklet) are strongly suggested that it is possible to continue, such as continuing at a reasonable pace even after the project itself has reached the end I am consciously designing.


Director interview

The 3rd year USIO Design Project which challenged the way to end the project

Interview details


Award history

1. Nippon Typography Yearbook 2015 Winning
(Package Division, Logotype · Symbol Mark Division) [Brown Rice Milk]
2. Japan Package Design Award 2015 Winning (General Beverages Division) [Brown Rice Milk]
3. Japan Package Design Award 2015 Winning (Food Division) [Anma Moo's Under Mish]
4. Japan Package Design Award 2015 Winning (General Beverages) [Herbal tea in the garden]
5. Remote Island Fair 2014 Okinawa Prefecture Superior Specialty Products [Nigorose Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup]
6. NY Type Directors Club Yearbook 2015 Winning [Brown Rice Milk]


Media post count

News · Public Paper 32
Overseas Media 7
Domestic design media 10


Takahiro Onaga

Takahiro Onaga

Ishigaki City Office
Planning Department Tourism Culture and Sports Bureau Tourism Culture Section

Kozasa Shuntaro

Kozasa Shuntaro

Ishigaki City Office
Taipei representative

Shoma Terai

Loftwork Inc.
Kyoto Branch Business Manager



“When I greet Mr. Terai at the airport, as I climb the mountain and let me down the cliff, the memories of hard island burning are burning severely.

USIO Design Project inherited from Mr. Kosa in the first year. I was able to taste the difficulty of making a clue from scratch. As a system engineer for over ten years, let me imagine that I was moving, moving, or in black and white clear world, imagining that there is no correct answer, let's go with this! I decided as the second year, and the third year's USIO Design Project. For me it was a big challenge.

Through this project to incorporate the external perspective and rediscover the charm of the island, now we are seeing what we want to do, what we want to do now. The existence of the USIO member who was always next door was very encouraging.

In the interview for the third year, the words Terai says have been left for a long time. The project comes out person's personality. Mr. Kosa is the color of Mr. Kosa and Mr. Oka comes from Mr. Oka. If Mr. Kosa, I will not go to the mountain absolutely, I climb down the cliff and I did not ride a bicycle either. That kind of person comes up with the personality of each person at the end of the project like that.

When I heard this phrase, I felt like I was going one step forward from Kosasa 's point of sight somewhere in my mind as if I was Kosa. In the third year, we made the booklet USIO Design Project. In Japanese and two languages ​​of traditional Chinese used in Taiwan.
A handy feeling with a variety of nice photos and a taste. This is USIO taste. Because of its beauty, I took several booklets and went around the workplace. Brag about the quality of the booklet. The most pleasing impression was that we live on such a wonderful island ~ It was a comment. The attraction of the island which tends to forget when it is inside. Rediscovering it, the USIO Design Project. This project was a huge success.

And in the summer of 2016, the fourth year since the public offering, red squirrel pie and tuna flakes were on sale, so all 10 items were able to see the eyes of the day. I think that Mr. Kosa, 270 km west, and Mr. Terai 2,000 km north, had a very hard time and at the same time I think that there is joy. Ishigakijima, Taiwan, and Tokyo. Although it is now separated, I am vaguely wondering if that will also lead to a new tide.”

Ishigaki City Office Planning Department Tourism Culture and Sports Bureau Tourism Culture Section Takahiro Onaga

“I am currently working in Taipei, but I think that this project has become quite silky. For Bokura Ishigakijima, I have cherished the viewpoint from "Otariwa Taiwan" closer than Naha from the first project of the project.

The story of Ishigakijima which was edited with ISHIGAKI NOW, a product born from the USIO Design Project, is also very interested in Taiwanese people.

We got a special feature section at Taipei 's popular store "Koyaka", and also asked local government in Taiwan about the process of project etc etc. I feel that I was not simply interested in the subject of "travel place" but I was able to get feelings from various angles.

I worked very excitingly with Mr. Loftwork.
It is a strange way of saying, I feel that I was able to do various challenges together with feeling like the same team. Colorful and intelligent, and friendly. Ideal.
Extremely gratitude ★”

Ishigaki City Office Taipei Representative Shuntaro Kosasa


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