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Tell the emotional value of innovative mechanical pencil


I want to raise it as a long-loved product

Pencel of a major stationery maker, the mechanical pencil "orenznero (Orenzunero)" released on February 16, 2017. orenznero flagship model of the orenz series targets a layer with strong sticking to tools used by himself, such as "sticking out shape" and "material automatically sticking out" together with the feature of "core does not break" It is a new product. In Pentel and Loftwork, in September 2016, we started a project for branding with the release of orenznero.

If you like it, you can set it up as a target user by setting the target audience that you value the value that you want to use for a long time even if it is a little expensive, not only by product specifications, Focusing on emotional values ​​that are not aspects.

Why are you exciting with orenznero? Why do you want to talk about people? We proceeded to build a brand site to convey the appeal of the product to the purchasing layer different from the previous series model by branding to convey the value such as pride and affection which is felt by using the commitment product.

Process / Output

To clarify thoughts of people who are committed to things


Tell “Pride of orenznero” A workshop is held on the theme of thinking branding, collecting members of loft work, members close to the target group, and participants close together. Which participants are attracted by brands and commitment, used (owned) by themselves, brought in things they love for many years, what kind of state is brand and commitment, why attachment becomes affection, why continue to use for many years We held a workshop aiming at the languageization of emotional values, that is,

Elements that make orenznero's view of the world language

Communication design

Based on the keywords that appeared in the workshop, we created orenznero’s brand communication map. “There are no useless things and sophisticated.” “It is isolated and rugged but it pushes back the user’s back.” “Special tool different from other people · Attachment is easy to use for a long time” “Personality and story quality “There is”, such as the thought process, insight, etc. were languageized as to what part of the product the user is attracted to, what kind of experience it gets attached to, and what kind of experience it gets.

Based on the brand communication map, orenznero’s distinctive function (0.2 mm fine core / one knock automatically leads out and writing continues / core does not break) expresses without distinct emotional value Create a plan to do. We made it as a concept video and brand site.

Elements extracted from the communication map

Functional value · A precise depiction can be made with a very fine core of 0.2 mm · Core keeps on automatically automatically with one knock · Can continue drawing · Core does not break …

Emotional value · Equipment for self expression (self-projection), Partner · Joy that you feel with having · Isolated presence, Person’s unattractive appearance · Comfortable knocking sound …

Express the possibilities of orenznero

Concept picture

Together with the appearance that letters and figures continue drawing with orenznero set pen plotter, we show images of artist Nogura Yasuo drawing a picture using orenznero.

“The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are mathematical factors that have had a great influence on modern science and Western art.In this work the machine draws geometric patterns and sequences based on these, Drawing on the sacred mountain · Susayama in Toyo thought, Western thought and oriental thought.Science and religion.Machine and person.The fusion of seemingly conflicting existence was the big theme of this time, Mr. Nomura said. The functional aspects of orenznero and the emotional worldview of the brand are expressed in images.

Artists / developers / designers talk about the charm of orenznero

Brand site

In the contents “Nero’s friend” and “Nero’s parent”, Mr. Nomura’s interview with developers and designers of orenznero is posted. In the interview, we express the world view of “confidence as a partner” and “presence of solitary island” extracted in the brand communication map by personifying orenznero.

"Nero's friend " ─ collaboration with artist Yasuo Nomura
"Interview with an engineer who produced" Nero's friend "─ orenznero
"Nero's friend " ─ interview to orenznero designer

Pennelle "orenznero" brand site



Kaori Onomura

Loftwork Inc.
Technical Director


Kazuhiko Asami

Loftwork Inc.



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