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Exploring new possibilities of tactile sense with users


Tactile to new movement in design movement

"JST ACCEL Physical Media Project" (Research Representative: Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo), which is being implemented as part of the Innovation-Oriented Research and Development Support Program "ACCEL" at the National Institute of Science and Technology (JST) Has launched "HAPTIC DESIGN PROJECT" to promote industrial application in the "HAPTIC (tactile)" field. Loftwork supports this approach from starting up. In addition to existing industrial, academic and engineering groups, we incorporated "HAPTIC DESIGN" as a movement while involving new players such as designers and creators, and implemented measures to implement society.

project overview

  • support
    Research : Definition of project goals from new awareness <br /> Planning: Planning concrete measures and creating scenarios up to 3 years ahead <br /> Execution: Challenge to create a movement combining each measure Execution)
  • approach
    Reflaming: Rediscovering the value of HAPTIC <br /> Based on previous research content and output, we reworked possibilities of new fields and “HAPTIC” which have not been discovered yet and rediscover new value of HAPTIC Did. Communication design: Design communication based on web media
    The concept of HAPTIC DESIGN is prepared and VI is defined. We are deploying to the website. At the media type website, we are talking about HAPTIC from familiar subjects such as food, fashion and entertainment.Award: Make an award to create a movement
    Through an award based on HAPTIC DESIGN, a mechanism to discover HAPTIC designers who have not seen yet, and attracting a lot of people. In conjunction with the promotion of awards such as events, we aimed for a dramatic growth in the population participating in the HAPTIC domain.Exhibition: Presentation of achievements by exhibition and creation of touch point
    At FabCafe Tokyo, FabCafe MTRL award winning work exhibition, we will show off the results of the project. We are creating touch points for the general public.
  • System and sponsored by: JST ACCEL body of media projects and cooperation: Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “pluralism quality sensing”, NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and management cooperation: Corporation loft work Producer: Shirae Takashi · Project manager: Keiko Watanabe · Members: Ryosuke Hara / Tomoko Sekiguchi / Loko Kitajima / Kazuya Ohara / Kaori Ono Village
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Web media

Launch of web media Hapticdesign.org and content creation to send interviews and reports to “creators who design tactile experiences”

We interviewed the front runner of HAPTIC DESIGN from both research and design, and published an interview article.





Holding HAPTIC DESIGN AWARD as an entry mechanism to link activities to social implementation



▲ Work won the first Grand Prix “Edge user interface”

It is Japan’s first tactile themed award that discovers a new HAPTIC DESIGNER and provides a place to present works. Despite short-term application, 70 ideas were received.

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Research: Definition of project goals from new awareness

As a project kick-off, we visualized the world that we all want to realize with this project, the future image to aim and the overall picture of activities. In addition, we carried out work of two days, we repeatedly sort out and share the original experiences of “tactile” owned by each, and we explored “tactile images” between members.



We also interviewed external experts in various fields and researched the possibility of “tactile” in the future. We have organized issues for each important stakeholder, such as “company”, “developer” and “creator”.


Planning: Plan specific measures and create scenarios up to 3 years ahead

As the first step toward approaching the issue, we revealed the goals for each stakeholder. Each action is dropped to the scenario up to three years ahead.


▲ Outline of measures for the first year

Execution: Create content to gather empathy, challenge to create a movement

HAPTIC DESIGN is thoroughly deeply dedicated to what is called language. VI expressing the world view and words are defined.





Planning and holding of ” HAPTIC DESIGN CAMP ” event to learn from “Creators who design tactile experiences” and to create a community for nurturing new “haptic designers”.



Learning the latest tactile design from the front runner, participants also prototyped new ideas using materials with various tactile senses that are familiar to the participants.

Each implementation measure coordinates and maximize effect

Since it was necessary to implement specific policies in a short period of time, we also plan tactics to achieve the objectives effectively and efficiently, and collaborate and integrate each measure to synergistic effects.





“Initially we investigated from a wide range in order to create a movement, but eventually we finally found out the process through which the lobby work itself experienced and the reality was realized FabCafe · Youfab (Global Award) I am designing.

Technical aspect is a field that tends to attract attention, but from the beginning it is not only to raise awareness of technology but to think "the fundamental way of the tactile sensation itself" so that it is a process that is not overwhelmed by technology trends in the world I feel that I was able to expand it. In the future, I would like to support the self-run of the event and the holding of the awards, and I would like to inform domestic and overseas of "HAPTIC in Japan in Shibuya" throughout the activity. In case”

Loftwork Producer Takashi Shira

“We attempted to connect to the existing community by planning design and presentation that emphasizes that it is a new initiative as FabCafe.

As we did with FabCafe on the back of the Makers Movement, we implemented policies while referring to communities that had similar growth. We also emphasized the importance of being able to explore new design methods for digital fabrication, tactile expressions as ideas, and expressions based on tactile sensations.

As I was born through digital fabrication technology "Fab creators", I would like to continue creating a situation to create "occupational haptic designer" occupation.”

MTRL Producer Kazuya Ohara

“From value creation to value penetration. This project was a presentation of new value to the world, planning to grasp that it is an effort to create and penetrate new categories in the creative context. For that purpose, I put the most emphasis and discussed over time, and it was the languageization and strategic design of the concept of how to define the tactile design, how to express and share it in the creative layer . By linking measures different from events, media, and awards to maximize the penetration of defined messages and images, we were able to create signs for the movement within about six months of execution. Since I was able to feel the potential of new movements from Japan, I would like to develop a solid foundation to develop from Japan to the global market.”

Loftwork Growth Hacker Ryoosuke Hara

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