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Yamaha Corporation which handles a wide range of products and services as well as musical instruments and audio equipment. Yamaha aims to create new value with the corporate slogan "Creating impressions, together, creating". We continue various challenges to create a "heat source " that not only is one aspect of "joy" and "joy" but which truly rocks and moves the hearts of people.

In the same way, with Loftwork approaching creative approach to creation of value not yet seen from 2014, aiming to co-create a new business (= new value) as a company from a Yamaha-like perspective of "sound, people, society" I started a project project. What kind of project was drawn by Yamaha's new project manager Kamiya, Mr. Matsui, Loftwork producer Mr. Suzuki?

Project overview

  • Contents of support
    Co-creation project for creating new business Strategy formulation Co-witness with creators Event planning and management (Play-a-thon)
    Produce creative collaboration using creative platform
  • Project period
    March, November 2014: Planning and operation of Hackasson “Play-a-thon”
    January / March 2015: “Play-a-thon” Incubation Program
    January 2016 – March 2017: “YouFab” co-creation program implemented
  • System
    Client: Yamaha Corporation
    Producer: Hajime Matsui, Mariko Sugita
    Director: Mariko Suzuki, Kotaro Iwaoka (FabCafe), Daiki KANAOKA (FabCafe)


Co-creative theme design / creative award holding

Yamaha and Loftwork sublime the efforts from 2014 to “create new value from the art point of view” and realize collaboration with YouFab. First of all, what value co-creates with creators all over the world? I have explored the theme.

It is an attempt to express the moment when the mind moves as a work by naming the core concept which is also born through discussion “Emotion” Yamaha’s slogan and the moment of shaking people’s mind as “switch”, Yamaha and YouFab Has set up the special prize “Yamaha Award” Switch of Emotion “The switch to your emotions”. We recruited free concepts (social questions) and work expressions not caught by existing values ​​from around the world.

Prototype program to cultivate seeds

A smart glass that supports the “reading” behavior of those who have difficulty reading characters by converting the visual character information “OTON GLASS” to voice as the result of the award. At “YouFab Winning Work Exhibition” to be held from 8th to 19th March at Shibuya Hikarie will display the prototype “emoglass” jointly invented by Yamaha employees and OTON GLASS team based on OTON GLASS . We will continue to challenge incubation and development for new value creation in full swing in the future.

“OTON GLASS” was originally developed as a problem-solving type product. However, the project member’s “Emotion Switch” was pressed on the source of ideas of this product, the thoughts that the production team could embrace, and the new experiences created with visual and auditory sense. “OTON GLASS”, which is a problem-solving product but has much possibility of creating new value and experiences, was a work that bothered the judging members very much.






"Gemstone " for creating new value gathered from all over the world

In the Yamaha Awards, 147 entries from 27 countries in the world entered during the entry period (August to the end of October) in three months. Based on Yamaha's aims of co-creation concept, works expressed in their own viewpoints gathered. The ideas and emergent viewpoints of the gathered works have become irreplaceable inputs as precious resources for Yamaha's future efforts to create new business. The network with creators from all over the world that has expanded here also became an important property of future projects.


27 countries Number of countries in which the application was submitted in about three months


147 works Number of entries submitted in about 3 months



“It was a new experiences that I felt satisfied for myself by disintegrating "emotion" by all the project members, stepping down deep into my mind with "emotional" as the axis and languageizing various kinds of awareness. The theme of "Switch of Emotion" is focusing on the moment when the mind moves, "This is funny" "Let's do this", a comma a little positive in comparison with myself a few seconds ago, I imagined my mind.

Everyday, such a switch that such a moment visits actually is rolling a lot, but it may be that I have been steadily passing by without noticing most of it. I set this theme with the feeling that the world would be more fun if I could make it that someone could push it that scattered around the world.

Through this project I felt that there is a limit to what a company can achieve alone. It is because it is unconsciously caught in "a cage of thought" rooted in corporate culture and culture, and even if you know it is also a fate that you can not escape quite easily. One of the measures to protrude from that cage was this YouFab. I hope that by using the power of an artist with sufficient stimulus to protrude thinking, funny value creation that I did not imagine will occur one after another”

Noriyuki Hatano Yamaha Corporation Research and Development Division New Business Development Department VA Group

“As design thinking is adopted by many companies, challenges have begun to appear. That is because the human-centered design process aims to solve the problem, the solution that is derived tends to be such as to solve each immediate problem in the current social system, resulting in the impact on culture and society It is difficult to come up with an innovative solution to give out.

"Creating Emotions and Together" When thinking about the way of new business that Yamaha should do, it is not an approach to solving such problems, but presenting the value discovered from the point of raising the problem to the world is a Yamaha society I thought it would be a meaningful existence significance.

The artist presents the sign of what is going on in the world quickly and presents it to the world in the form of work, but I thought that this viewpoint could be utilized for business development.

I believe that creating a value-raising type of value through artistic thinking will open up a horizon that I've never seen before, through the efforts of Play-a-thon etc., I will do the present YouFab Yamaha award It was planned.”

Yasushi Kamiya Yamaha Corporation Research and Development Division New Business Development Department VA Group

“The chance to develop OTON GLASS is my father's dyslexia. My father developed cerebral infarction in 2012, obstacles left in the language field, only the ability to read letters fell. With my father's illness, I decided to develop a device to support reading. That is OTON GLASS. Since the rebuilding by my father, I am also working on development for practical use, so that it will be better support for dyslexia, low vision people and foreigners who visit Japan even after complete recovery.

While the problem the product is trying to solve is clear, on the other hand, the experience itself that "what you see is transformed into sounds" that is the foundation itself is hidden as an extension of perception itself I will. The application for the Yamaha Prize was one that included the expectation that it would be possible to collaborate with Yamaha.

OTON GLASS realizes "a world where everyone can read letters". At the same time, we believe it is possible to realize a society where we can listen to "sounds of parallel worlds" different from the sounds of real society. I hope OTON GLASS will be able to take the first step by collaborating with Yamaha through Youfab Creative Award to see how human beings can update the reality of our eyes by updating human perception.

Yamaha and OTON GLASS are working on a daily basis while having a great mission for each. I am expecting to head toward unpredictable development for each by chaos in a good meaning created by this Youfab as opportunity. I would like to create a new case as a speculation for the unpredictability that makes it possible to create because of Youfab, which does not fit in a mere award, nor does it fit into carefully designed open innovation.”

Keisuke Shimakage Co., Ltd. OTON GLASS Representative Director

“In the world, even if you develop products by digging up "user needs (seeds)" or "tasks" by setting up "persona", the user will not respond. "Where the problem was solved, that idea is not necessarily the source of value creation that users are unaware of. "Whispering, and the era of hardship for manufacturing companies.

Yamaha and other challenging enterprises trying to find new value (new species) in a more universal and essential area of ​​human beings are beginning not only "problem solving" but also "posing problems" to society I will. Among them, putting the challenge theme of corporate value creation as "sensibility" or "impression" is not special, it may be a very natural attempt. Attempts to pursue new value with artists constantly confronting universality and essential themes will also be project design prescriptions.

On the other hand, it seems that art (creative area) and new business creation (business area) are on the opposite bank. Even if it says not "speculative design as a trend" but "It is the business domain itself for Yamaha", there was some gap in the logic that connects corporate activities from the creative area to the business area.

It felt that the "framework" YouFab could contribute to moderate catalysts and bridges of this gap triggered a major start of this project. Over the past three years I have repeatedly discussed with Mr. Kamiya about the co-creation platform based on the corporate slogan "Create inspiration and Together", and discuss and practice effectiveness and effectiveness verification. With that trend, collaboration with YouFab is inevitable.”

Matsui Soko Loftwork Producer

“Creators from all over the world participate in the global award YouFab. In fiscal 2016, we received 196 entries from 31 countries. The number of participating creators has increased with each revolution, the level of the work has also increased, I feel that the maturity of the digital manufacturing cul- ture and that YouFab itself has grown as an award.

In this recruitment application for the Yamaha award, I gently conveyed the story of why Yamaha is searching for new value creation from the art point of view. There are few people who do not know Yamaha brands and products. In the event that was held at Tokyo and 4 overseas FabCafe, I told you that I want you to hit the creators' free creativity as it is, not to be caught up by the current Yamaha products and brand image. Overseas FabCafe, Barcelona is a designer and start-up, Toulouse is an engineer and so on, and the creator community is also distinctive and I feel that what they are thinking directly by meeting with them in Yamaha's Kamiya I got it.

Also, although only one work has been selected as a Yamaha award, 147 pieces submitted for the Yamaha Awards are described from the creative and technical perspective one by one by the YouFab team, Mr. Kawada who is the judge, field I will tell Ms. In addition to appeals from creators, we have asked for ideas to become "gemstones" of new value (new species) by firmly communicating the value that creators are not aware of.”

Suzuki Mariko Loftwork Public Relations / "loftwork.com" "YouFab" Coordinator


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