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Creating a Business Magazine With Culture Through Dissatisfaction, Discomfort and Love



On Publishing The Business Magazine

Table of Contents

Features: Very, Very Long Interviews

Shoko Ryuzaki (Hotel Producer) / Eru Akazawa (Fashion Brand Director)
Why am I an entrepreneur? Dissatisfaction, Dreams, Uncomfortable Feelings, Answers

Soma Suzuki (Urban Analysis / Researcher)
“There is No 100%” Between Science, Sensibility and Logic: The Long Journeys of Researchers and Entrepreneurs

Buta Terao (Japanese/Taiwanese music producer)
“Small Economies Zone” DIY. “Try and Fail”: Asia’s Independent Music Scene

Naohiro Niiyama (Intown Designer) / Kazutaka Mori (Project Manager)
Becoming “a Member of This Town” and Not a Member of Tens of Thousands. You Can Find Cultivation From “Nothing”

Kimi Tsuchiya (Food Director)
The Things You Can Do Because You Are “A Food Store”. The “Delicious!” Of Food Directors Who Makes The Most of Food From Various Food Professionals

Tomoma Odagiri (Saturday Factory)
“What to Make and How to Make it”: Combining Craftsmanship and Resources to go Beyond Manufacturing.


11PM, EPISTROPH, THE ROOT BEER JOURNEY, Eel’s Bed, 4Nature, Bookstore Lighthouse, Tomo Cola, ITONAMI, Culture University TOKYO

  • The Night Before the Long Interview: U-25 Roundtable Discussion
    “Not Far, But Not Close Either: The Distance to Entrepreneurship XXX”
  • A Book and a Line as a Good Luck Charm, Sometimes Placed
    Kazuya Sano, Xiaoxiayo Chen, Sanjiro Minato, Fumi Goda, Kenta Kawara, Daichi Isogawa, Yuya Yoshida, Shohei Koyama, Daiki Tsutsumi

How to read the magazine

Of course you can read the book carefully in order, but we recommend you open it to wherever you feel like and read the parts that interest you.

Even if it’s just one paragraph, we’ve tried to structure the book in a way that you’ll be able to find something new or reconfirm something. Please feel free to open the book and read only the parts that interest you.


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