Shibuya Scramble Square Corporation PROJECT

Designing SHIBUYA QWS, A Co-Creation Base That Creates Social Value Through “Questions”





Communication Design

The project team defined unique graphic elements for QWS to ensure that all communication from QWS shared a likeness.

The graphic elements consist of partially trimmed elements of the letters “Q,” “W,” “S,” and “?”, reflecting the variability and diversity of QWS and the diverse image of Shibuya. After cutting out and recombining patterns from the graphic elements, the team developed them into a whole range of communication tools, from web design to printed materials such as posters, pamphlets and business cards, as well as presentation slides.

Implemented a mechanism to dynamically display the "questions" generated at QWS on the official website and footer that jumps to related content.


Designing a space where diverse projects can mix and stimulate each other

We implemented eight spaces with different purposes and expressions, including an open workspace that creates horizontal connections, an event hall that can accommodate 200 people, a salon space where members can chat with guests and a town hall that serves as a nexus that connects all spaces with each other.

From solo work to group work, large conferences to salons, the flexible spaces accommodate the needs of diverse project teams, promote co-creation and provide support for QWS members.

Tool Design

Creating a special experience through the smallest details

From a playbook that provides a friendly introduction to the concept of QWS and how to utilize the facility to various items that prompt people to explore the theme of “questions”, the project team designed a variety of tools to create an experience unique to QWS, a members-only facility.

Playbook – An easily comprehensible introduction to QWS, with illustrations of the process and key points on how members can use QWS to grow.

Whenever a member visits QWS, he or she writes a "question" that arose on the day on the "Questionnaire” card to visualize it. This gives members an opportunity to communicate with each other.
Staff Coat – A staff coat that makes it easy to recognize QWS staff at a glance. It is made of a unique material that allows the clothes inside to show through so that the closer you get, the more each individual’s personality comes to life
Produced several “tools” such as leaflets, 1-day passes, staff business cards and more.



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