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The NewHere Project accelerates mobility innovation towards user-centered design




Service prototype of a ‘flying car’

Model of ‘flying car’ © ︎ 2021 SAKIGAKE Projects Inc.

As part of the 2020 NewHere program, one team was responsible for testing out the stuff made of sci-fi dreams: a flying car service. Taken from the consortium’s previous themes of ‘robot utilization’ and ‘congestion relief’, the team reexamined the value of humans flying in the sky and explored new air mobility services. Instead of a need for speed, the team proposed an experience that could be gained by “flying slowly and quietly”.

Illustration by: 武田 侑大

Service Prototype for ‘DX Healthcare’

Storyboard / Illustration depicting the user experience of ‘DX Healthcare’. Illustration by 野中 聡紀

In the context of a ‘smart city’, one team was charged with exploring the ‘DX Healthcare’ – combining transportation, physical and mental health and digital technology. The team created a storyboard of the experience of being able to both physically/mentally ‘reset’ and have medical checkups – all in an area inside the ticket gate.

Special exhibition to share service ideas with the wider community

Through a special exhibition of the project’s service prototypes, we were able to share NewHere’s activities and ideas with the commuters and station users at Takadanobaba station. The exhibition was held at STAND by Book and Bed Tokyo, a cafe directly connected to the station.

Introducing: the YouFab 2020 ‘NewHere Award’ and winning works

The NewHere Award was established in collaboration with the 2020 YouFab Awards, under the theme of ‘New Mobility’, which called for creators to respond to ‘mobility’ experiences’ in the wake of our pandemic disruptions. Creators from around the world submitted their works, vying to showcase their updated versions of city mobility.

The winning entry, ‘City Glinder – Next Gen Footwear’, is an idea that uses a pneumatic mechanical system inside the shoe to make the experience of walking a less tiring one. By making it easier for people to choose ‘walking’ as their mode of transportation, it proposes a radical future of sustainable mobility that can work to reduce congestion, accidents and carbon emissions.

The NewHere Honorable Mention went to ‘S.O.S-Solution Of School-urban plug-in!!’, a new system of education that uses materials ordered online to create adaptable learning spaces in the city.



“Now that we are facing various challenges, including the coronavirus disaster, we must not continue conservatively with the conventional method, but go further. Therefore, the Mobility Innovation Consortium is continuing its efforts to solve social issues without extinguishing the fire of innovation.

At JR East, we alone are caught up in stereotypes and are stuck in the search for a solution. It’s through NewHere that we are able to adopt many ideas and methods to think about the next generation of towns and transportation. I have received many exciting and dreamy ideas.

Moving forward, we will continue to implement innovative initiatives that are not bound by stereotypes, with the aim of developing new businesses and services that have an impact on the world and implementing them in society. ”

Isao Sato, General Manager, Data Strategy Division, Technology Innovation Promotion Headquarters, JR East
佐藤 勲/東日本旅客鉄道株式会社 技術イノベーション推進本部 データストラテジー部門 部長


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