Rebranding corporate identity to pave the way for a new era of business

Sometimes, organizational reform starts with rebranding. As the external environment changes rapidly, businesses, too, need to update itself in order to adapt. From transformations in corporate identity to workplace culture, Loftwork and surveying equipment company SOOKI came together to sow the seeds of change for better work and bigger opportunities.



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visual representation of SOOKI's six new action guidelines: ‘Challenge’, ‘Open’, ‘Co-Create’, ‘Professional’, ‘Beyond’ and ‘Think Next’.

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“This project truly embodied ‘Co-Create’, one of our company's action guidelines. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the members of Loftwork who worked closely with our company's history and culture, transcending company boundaries and positions to become a part of SOOKI and promote the project. In an internal survey, more than 90% of employees responded that the new CI matches SOOKI. We will continue to promote activities to spread the new CI inside and outside the company.”

Mariko Namiki, General Manager/Creative Producer, Marketing Department, Sales Division, SOOKI Co.

“At the start of the project, I didn’t think it was essential to renew the logo. However, since one of the objectives of this rebranding project was to create a common understanding of the future that we were aiming for, we felt that we needed to make a big change in a positive sense, so we proposed starting with that. Changing a logo that had been in use for many years must have had a strong impact on the company, but I think we were able to help the company rebrand by designing a process to incorporate the change and create a variety of contexts, including the invisible parts. ”

Naoto Uemura, Creative Director, Loftwork Inc.

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