Satoshi Iritani 2018.01.01

Web Writing Attracting People Seven Customs

After Internet’s days, “everyone is a writer”.

With the introduction of ATOMS, fellows of Loftwork who are not familiar with writing ‘outside’ should also have opportunities to face “writing” again.

but it’s okay. Writing power is “technology” to polish afterwards, if you take good habits, lighting becomes a very reliable weapon.

On July 9, 2016, somewhere in Osaka city. In response to a request from a certain client company, I gave a lecture that condensed the know-how of web writing to tightly 60 minutes.

I am 5 full-time creative director / project manager per week, Web lighting is such a hidden skill or a “hobby”, but it is such a position, but this time I have just started to organize what I have learned so far We corrected it and put it on 109 slides.

  • Write for # 1 “______”
  • # 2 Write from “__” of entrance into and out
  • # 3 Add a title effective for “S____” and “S____”
  • # 4 Using the tool “____”
  • # 5 “____ like rhythm” and “____ like rhythm” are arranged
  • Sharpen # 6 “____” or “____ expressions”
  • # 7 Confirm consistency of “____” and “____”
  • Recommendation of + α “text ____”

Do you understand the hole?


In summarizing this “seven customs”, let’s share the “good textbook” , so basically the listener can study by oneself! I attempted a configuration called. In addition to Katsuhira Nakano’s “Web writing practice course”, quotations from Koga Fumio and Natalie Karakihara’s books also appeared everywhere. My original concepts and example sentences are [none], but when you deconstruct and assemble various books, the essential element that appears repeatedly will be highlighted.

For those who do not read books from usual, Kindle or paper books are okay, but you should read books first. Even though input is insufficient, sufficient output can not be produced.

So we will end this article by introducing a total of 20 reference lists listed on the back of the resume delivered at the lecture. If you would like to listen to ‘Talking Version’, please make an opportunity and contact us!

Source · Reference · Recommended Book List

  • “Silence Web Marketing – Web Marketer Borne’s Counterattack -” Shigeki Matsuo (MN Corporation)
  • “Web Writing Practice Course From News Release to Item Description” Katsuhei Nakano (KADOKAWA / ASCII · Media Works)
  • “Some books that somehow do not want to do job planning creative work Somehow crying” Toshiya Fukuda (Kodansha)
  • “Sentence Lecture I Want to Have for 20 Year Olds” Koga Fumio (Star Hai)
  • “Natalie style training to turn good at poor classroom skills of new writing power” Karaki Yu (Impress)
  • “Transmission · rock! Write a sentence “Yamada Zunee (PHP laboratory)
  • “Let’s start with writing” Natalie Goldberg (Harusaku company) “Original title Writing Down the Bones”

=== The book that I introduced while sliding to here ===

  • “Why can not you talk” Do you understand? “Yamada Zooni (Chikuma Shobo)
  • “The ability to write ten original sheets” Takashi Saito (Yamato Shobo)
  • “Web copy writing class for people who have to write” Tetsuo Morita (KADOKAWA / ASCII · Media Works)
  • “The Copywriting – The Law of Words Expressed to the Chord of the Heart” John Capeles / supervised by Masanori Kanda (Diamond Company) “How to write sentences” Kazuo Tinno (Iwanami Shobo)
  • “Transmissive Web Writing – a way to write empathy with style and purpose” Nicole Fenton, Kate Kiefer Lee (BNN Co., Ltd.) “Original title: Nicely Said”
  • “Blog management skill that results always come out 100 professional bloggers teach” The meaning of “me media” teacher “Koguremasato, Supu (Impress Japan)
  • “Knowledge editing art” Masaaki Matsuoka (Kodansha)
  • “We are alive while editing” Shigeo Goto (Marble Books / Sanko)
  • “Asahi Newspaper Review Center Director Absolutely Never Misses Japanese” Mr. Yasumasa Maeda (Subaru)
  • “Rhetoric feeling” Nobuo Sato (Kodansha)
  • “Write a book” Annie Dillard (Papyrus)
  • “Wineberg sentence reading book” Gerald M. Weinberg (Sho sang company)
  • “Possible researcher’s thesis production technique” Paul J. Silvia (Kodansha)
Satoshi Iritani

AuthorSatoshi Iritani(Creative Director / Facilitation Evangelist)

Iritani is a creative director at Loftwork Kyoto, leading website creation projects. He is one of the most logical people at Loftwork, and a reliable project manager. His excellent skills in organizing information, understanding concepts, and transforming them into words, are the drive behind many successful creative projects so far. Iritani is a PMI certified PMP(*) and has a one child.


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