Hello! It is Asanuma who is responsible for the “eating” of loftwork.
I usually do general affairs.

What is Asanuma Kitchen ...

I like cooking from a young age and I would like to make use of that cooking lover and this year we are doing various experiments using the kitchen on the 10th floor of loft work. This time we will introduce one of them, the so-called “Asanuma Kitchen”.

What is Asanuma Kitchen …
Producers involved in loftwork members and loftwork members who are good at cooking gather together to hold in-house members and friends with outside parties.

In the Asanuma kitchen in August, we held a tomato shining in golden color in Hida, held in the summer’s refreshing menu, and in September we will hold it in the menu centering on Hida souvenir sausage from our representative Chiaki did.

Autumn is the theme of waiting for appetite in October!

Vegetables utilized SEND, a distribution support platform for agriculture and livestock products connecting producers and restaurants

This time, we ordered fresh vegetables from the platform called SEND developed by Planet Table who is indebted with the project. The picture is vegetables brought by two of SEND.


Mr. Takano (left) of the planet table and Miho Saito (right) were also pleased together.

Mr. Murakami as the main chef

This time the main chef is Mr. Murakami. (Yellow Knit Cap) It is a person like Superman who is supporting all kinds of loft work. I am in charge of the kitchen with Bar called 7th .

To prepare for project consultation and information exchange time

Director Masayuki Sasaki who consults SHIBUYA HACK PROJECT while peeling the taro peel for the boiling pot.

Taro, autumn salmon, shiitake mushrooms, squash in the pumpkin. Enjoy the fruitful autumn

Ground meat is squeezed out to Shiitake mushrooms. While not staining his hands, while also stuffing large amounts of Shiitake mushrooms, I also mingle with each other.

This time, I made a menu of plentiful taste of autumn such as salmon of Yamagata specialty, main dish of autumn salmon, meat packing of shiitake mushrooms and salad of SEND vegetables.

I decide the menu decision also with members who like cooking.

"We will receive" in a large household of 35 people in all

As the lunch time began around 13:00, the number of people increased one after another, and eventually a total of about 35 people participated. This is nearly half of the members in the Shibuya office.

Mr. Chiakiri also pakuri together.

We constantly run around the world thinking of loftwork members Pakuri together with our representative Chiaki.

It is delicious to eat everyone.

What to eat in November ♪
Delicious autumn will continue. .

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