The global creative company will put the spotlight on material-driven innovation both big and small, as helmed by a diverse line-up of creators from Loftwork ‘labs’ FabCafe and MTRL.

3D-Printed Yacht from the A.D.A.M Project

Loftwork is dedicated to positive impact and innovation through design, and hosts a global community of innovators through FabCafe, a series of hubs offering digital fabrication tools and experiences for everything from fashion to bio, and MTRL, a material design and innovation lab for creators and manufacturers.

We’re excited to announce even more diverse additions at the 2019 DesignInspire – including an A.I. designed, 3D-printed yacht and a ‘wabi-sabi’ take on an industrial material. Visitors will also get a chance to familiarize themselves with AWRD, our online competition platform with a 30,000+ global creative community. 

These product and material innovations will demonstrate to audiences the ways in which a new lens can create new values. Not only does this collection of material-driven projects lay bare Loftwork’s impressive design repertoire, it’s a showcase in the possibilities that materialize with combined creative thinking, process and collaboration.

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Larger Than Life: 3D Printing the Impossible

Sketches of The A.D.A.M Project– 3D-Printed Yacht

The A.D.A.M Project– 3D-Printed Yacht
Speeding to the forelines of AI technology and design, FabCafe and Loftwork will unveil their ‘biggest’ project yet, an A.I. designed 3D-Printed yacht. This is the inaugural project by The A.D.A.M Project, a task force of product designers, engineers and artificial intelligence, as founded through FabCafe’s Creative Acceleration Workgroup in March 2019. This challenging project is not only an impressive technical display but also a significant learning curve on the future of design – and designers – for the team. Through this process, the A.D.A.M team will be able to pave the foundations of future human-AI design collaboration.

Industrial Meets Lifestyle: Reshaping Steel for Everyday Beauty

ARTSTEEL embraces the natural charm of rust, transforming steel into a functional, aesthetic material consisting of unique patterns, colors and textures.

ARTSTEEL material and product design award

The beautiful, natural rust of ARTSTEEL might be an innovation onto steel itself, but it struggled to thrive as anything other than an industrial material in construction. By reframing it through a creator’s lens, Loftwork helped Japanese manufacturer Front instill a distinctively ‘wabi-sabi’ beauty into the material. Using our competition platform AWRD, we produced a global product design award, and connected with design talents and industry influencers, transforming ARTSTEEL into elegant, folksy everyday objects.  Audiences at the 2019 DesignInspire will be able to get acquainted with the material that Japanese product designers are raving about.

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Introducing AWRD, the No.1 source for awards, competitions and hackathons

AWRD, a new platform and service leverages a vast creator community to help businesses manage competitions and accelerate product development.

Made, owned and managed by Loftwork, this innovative platform and service is loved by businesses and creators. With a community of 30,000+ creators and an established online infrastructure, businesses easily create, promote and manage their events online, while creators stay posted about the latest in competitions and readily submit their works. Accessed by the likes of Discovery Japan, Pentel, Setouchi Triennale and more, see how new ideas, values and connections are sparked when creator and organizer come together.

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At the 2019 DesignInspire, you can:
– Check out exhibiting item ARTSTEEL, and see the values we brought for Japanese manufacturer Front through AWRD

– Talk to us! Find out more about how you too can take part in AWRD, with a friendly chat.

See our first announcement here:  Loftwork set to showcase material-driven innovation at 2019 DesignInspire in Hong Kong

Press Contact: Christine Yeh

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