The global creative company will put forth a bespoke collection of conventional and cutting-edge materials, as reinvented and innovated by a diverse line-up of creators through its ‘labs’ FabCafe and MTRL

Loftwork is dedicated to positive impact and innovation through design, and hosts a global community of innovators through FabCafe, a series of hubs offering digital fabrication tools and experiences for everything from fashion to bio, and MTRL, a material design and innovation lab for creators and manufacturers.

Exhibiting projects at DesignInspire 2019 range from metallic paint to wearable technology, and will highlight the ways in which innovative design thinking can instill new values into products and materials – and help us to view them through a new lens. 

We’re excited to announce the firsts of our works – the Orphe Smart Footwear and metallic paint Chromashine. Orphe not only showcases the latest in the development of the Internet of Things in Japan, its evolution from concept to commercialization allows us to shed light on innovative prototyping itself. Meanwhile, our work on Chromashine is a display of both innovative design thinking and Loftwork’s design repertoire. Warmly received at its debut during the 2018 Milan Design Week, it is set to wow audiences once again at the 2019 DesignInspire.

Lights, Music, Action: Merging Smart Technology with Athletic Expression

Orphe Smart Footwear
Born from a music hackathon – or play-a-thon– held by Yamaha and Loftwork back in 2014, the smart footwear combines music, movement, lights and smart technology. With its LED sole, built-in motion sensors and smartphone connectivity, Orphe detects movements in real-time and analyzes data like a smart watch, but may also be used as a musical instrument and controller. With beautiful gradation and catchable animation, it not only opens up the possibilities for wearable technology, but creates a wholly new expression for athletes, performers, artists and alike.

New Look: Repainting the Functional as the Artistic ‘Chromashine’ Metallic Pigment Installation

While the metallic pigment from Toyo Aluminium, which boasts a 70% market share of Japan’s metallic color car paint, has an important functional value, its beauty – vivid colors and glows from reflected light – is understated. First showcased at the 2018 Milan Design Week as part of a specially designed installation, Loftwork reinvisioned Chromashine as elegant ‘high art’, rather than mere ‘car paint’. Covering the inside of a container booth with 30 meters of ‘Noreen’ fabric shop curtains, painted in Chromashine stripes of various widths, visitors were able to immerse themselves in a technicolor vision of color changes and light interference.

Stay tuned for more innovative projects from Loftwork and FabCafe, as we announce bigger (quite literally!) and more exciting works appearing at the 2019 DesignInspire. Mark your calendars; we’ll see you there!

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Loftwork unveils bigger and more innovative projects for DesignInspire 2019

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Press Contact: Christine Yeh

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