Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, international creative consulting team Loftwork is adding to its impressive portfolio of ventures – which includes the global digital manufacturing cafe network FabCafe – by opening a new co-creation space in Taipei, Taiwan, in May.

MTRL visitor experience

MTRL visitor experience

Material Meetup

From the team that specializes in using design to open companies up to innovation, MTRL Taipei is a creative exchange space focused around materials. MTRL – a homophone of “material “ – redefines the concepts of co-creation and co-creating by connecting professionals from different fields to create business ideas and opportunities through ‘craft’, ‘technology’, ‘business’, and ‘creator’, four core tenets also reflected in its logo. 

MTRL Taipei links materials manufacturers with creators – working with a range of materials, from common materials such as wood, metal and cloth to traditional craft materials and cutting-edge technology fitted with sensors and modules – to create innovations such as new applications for materials, product development and branding for new markets. 

The co-creation space – the fourth branch of MTRL worldwide since 2015 following Tokyo, Kyoto and Hong Kong – will be based in the red brick factory of Taipei’s Huashan 1917 Culture and Creative Park, along with Loftwork’s FabCafe Taipei. 

MTRL Taipei

When designing the space, the Loftwork team and designers boldly chose to utilize the active scaffolding systems that originated from Nagoya, Japan, to both preserve the building’s history and ensure its safety while also showcasing MTRL’s innovative and connective spirit. The team took advantage of the traditional factory’s high ceilings to create a second floor through flexible application of the modular scaffolding’s various lengths. Through using the height difference to naturally distinguish the space’s various attributes and making good use of the highly customizable characteristics of digital manufacturing technology to design special parts, the team created a space that is both practical and demonstrates – through the scaffolding design – the functions of materials.

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About MTRL (Material)

MTRL is a space for new ideas and business possibilities

MTRL Tokyo

MTRL Kyoto

Through a shop and lab where visitors can touch, shop for and process materials and events such as meetups and materials-themed hackathons, MTRL Taipei creates a space for materials manufacturers and creators to come together and innovate new applications for factory materials that give rise to new projects and business ideas. 

These include NewView, a project for Japanese department store PARCO and online VR creation platform STYLY that transformed the 3D space into a playing field for creators from all around the world to pioneer brand new sensory experiences and the A.D.A.M. Project, an artificial intelligence workshop that uses AI design and 3D printers to design self-driving yachts. Read more: Artists create ultimate futures and new VR visions for Newview project

"A.D.A.M" project 3D printing yacht design drawing

Besides sharing information on its website, MTRL leverages the international community, resources, technology and knowledge of Loftwork and FabCafe to support companies in expanding to overseas markets and reviving local industries.

"Chromashine" metal paint manufacturer Toyal exhibition in Milan

"Chromashine" metal paint manufacturer Toyal exhibition in Milan

Some of its projects, which were recently exhibited at DesignInspire in Hong Kong, include an installation for the “Chromashine” metallic paint created in collaboration with Japan’s Toyal Toyo Aluminum K.K. and “αGEL”, a silicone swatch with 12 different types of haptics that combines Japanese company Taica’s core technology with UX design. These materials will also be on display at MTRL Taipei.  Read more: Design for Impact: 2019 DesignInspire Expo Recap

In response to global developments, MTRL and Loftwork are developing projects, including “FutureCity: Post Pandemic Progress” to continue to help companies generate business ideas during the pandemic. Additionally, it launched the global Mask Design Challenge 2020 to call on academics and businesses to join together to respond to mask shortages caused by COVID-19.

Visit the newly opened MTRL Taipei

As part of its launch, MTRL Taipei will be hosting a series of open house events to introduce the public to MTRL Taipei’s space and core values.

Using the “Donut Model’ to Redesign Organization Vision_MTRL Open House Event vol. 1

In this workshop, we explore how to apply the donut model to the business vision and use design methods to improve team creativity and productivity to achieve the sweet balance between business and sustainability. See event page here

Fast Forward_MTRL Open House Event vol.2

How do you transform a traditional model where you are able to achieve but aren’t able to control the results into a model where you can actively experiment and reduce the cost of failure? In this workshop, we will explore how to deal with market and customer behavioral changes and use these methods to bring about organization transformation. See event page here

We’re always open to new collaborations! Contact us to find out how you can take part in working with us: pr@loftwork.com

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