Sustainable Executive/FabCafe CCO (Chief Community Officer) Kelsie Stewart

Born in the United States, graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology (2009) and a Masters of Arts in Religion (2015). Kelsie has been in the specialty coffee world as a barista and espresso trainer since 2008 and was introduced to FabCafe as an espresso trainer through coffee friends shortly after FabCafe’s opening in 2012. She joined Loftwork and FabCafe in 2017.

Kelsie oversees the FabCafe Global network. In FabCafes across Asia, Europe and America, Kelsie strategizes and aligns Fab synergies to empower everyone to take the initiative to make and share their ideas with local and global communities. Kelsie is also the Tokyo organizer for the Global Goals Jam (GGJ), a two-day designathon and community which aims to create short term solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. Kelsie has organized sustainability and design thinking workshops in Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong.


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